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My Name is Harish Kawalkar, living in Pune, India, I am a general guy, not clever, smart or genius, whatever I do on this blog, is what I think is important and useful. The main inspiration of this blog is as follows

The main aim is to maximize the knowledge, few years back when I start reading, I am enjoying it, but after few days I start to forget or loose interest in it, so I start taking notes, on letter pad, the journey start, one of my friend suggest me, why not you start blogging it? It can help others; I take time on this idea, finally the blog start after few months of discussion.

As Charlie Munger said

For a long time, Munger has recommended that people keep learning and reading all throughout their lives. They should never restrict themselves to just one topic. He has talked about how different disciplines will intersect and inform one another, it is called as multidisciplinary thinking.

Who’s my most valuable client?

Few years back I was reading “The Snowball Warren Buffett and the Business of Life” where I strike the question, Who is my most valuable client?

You might work as a professional, on salary or you have business, you give lot of time just on the activity of your business or where you employ, it’s good to give time for your professional life, but what about you? Outside the work, your time is worth much more than your imagination; give your one hour to yourself, be the client of yourself first.

You might get idea about ……..

What the blog is all about?

It’s for you,


You are wrong once again,

it’s for me,

because I am my own client, whatever I read, or find something valuable I write it, and share on this blog, but you can be a partner of this journey… so decide on your own, and Be Your Own Client first…..

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To your Success

Harish Kawalkar


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I often post excerpts of things created by others. In fact if you see anything useful on here at all, I’m probably just para-phrasing someone smarter. If you, as a copyright holder, feel I have violated or infringed on your copyright please let me know and I will take down the link or modify the post.

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