It’s not over until I win

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Whenever I see my daughter painting, she will complete the painting every time, if I disturb in between, she give me lot of reason, why she want to complete her painting? And If I force her, she will complete it, at any cost.

If she finishes her work, she will come to me and say sorry, and ask what you want to say? And say I won! I won!

I will disturb her, because she is going to force herself to do and complete task.

When she says I won! I feel her feelings and her joy of winning.

Today, the success letter is all about the attitude. And the attitude is everything in life.

Attitude is always misunderstood, develop a positive healthy attitude.

One of the attitude I always prefer to have everybody in life called “it’s not over, until I win”

Be in the process to achieve your goal, but remember, don’t give up at any cost, if your plan is not working, change it, but don’t stop, until you win.

Competitive Advantage:

This attitude will definitely give you the edge, Warren Buffet, one of the great investor, and my idol in life, called it as a competitive advantage (He refer this in terms of company analysis) but if you are in the world to achieve your goal, and make the difference in world, you face tremendous competition, if you want win the competition and achieve your goal, you must develop this attitude.


This attitude always helps you become motivated every time. Motivation is the key in success. Motivation gives you positive energy around you.


Here plays the important role in your life. “The Law of Attraction” if you follow this attitude, you will attract the same. You will be with the people, those having this attitude.


This attitude builds your image, around your friends, your family and around your environment. You are having positive self image, which increase your self esteem.

Decision Maker:

You are become decision maker, lot of people fail because they are unable to take decision, this winning attitude will help you to take confident decision.

So, let’s adapt this attitude,

I would like to hear stories of you, those having positive impact of “The Success Letter”

And “It’s Not Over Until I Win”


To Your Success!

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Harish S Kawalkar
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