Three Ways to Change Your Life

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Three Ways to Change Your Life

Few days back I met my school’s old friend, he is confuse, not happy in his work, not ready to take decision. In short he is not happy with life.
After discussion with him for more than an hour, he said I want to change my life, I little bit confuse what he is saying? So I have a discussion with him. Today I share some important point with you, which might be helpful.

There are no secrets to change your life. Life is what you think, what you do, determines your life.

Success and failure are also the result of your own thinking and action.

So, how to change your life?

There are three ways to change it.

1) Thinking
2) Self Beliefs
3) Habit

all three things are great study subject.

1) Thinking:

What are you today is due to your thinking. How is your life? And what you are doing? All are the result of your thinking.

I see most of the people complaining about their past thinking, and how they lost opportunity.

As your thinking might be right, but taking decision and acting on that decision is important, otherwise you lost your opportunity.

In life there is no star or luck, opportunity is same for everybody but you have to take maximum advantage of that opportunity by capitalizing on your strength and taking action on your plan.

Lot of people not think about how to become successful, they are thinking about their past decision, but that is not useful, think about your current situation, and think about your future plan to change your life.

Your life will change of you think about future by analyzing your current situation and acting in present, your life will change only if you act in present.

Time is most precious asset in the world you have to take advantage of time, remember time will same in entire your life, only your situation determines it’s a good time or bad time.

Thinking is useful if you act on your thinking. Change your thought change your life. What you are today is entirely because of your thoughts.

Think in right direction, acting in present by using time, with your strength, will definitely change your life.

2) Self Beliefs:
What are you believe in? What are you believe about your self is your self-beliefs.

Unsuccessful people believe, that success is a matter of luck, they don’t know about their strengths.

If you believe you are a good teacher, you become good teacher, because you believe in it.

So what are the changes require to happen in your life, believe in that changes, and change your self-beliefs, change your thoughts, change your beliefs and accept that change that automatically become your own thoughts and your own beliefs.

Never be afraid of change, accept change in life.

“The specific beliefs of yourself in your mind are your self-beliefs”.  What are your mental images of people around you, your family, and your environment determines who you are today.

3) Habits:
Your habits are the most important things in life. What you are today is due to your habits. Your habits might be good or bad. Analyse your habits, what are your current habits, what are the new habits required to change your life, write it down and work on it.

Habits are determines who you are.
Few important habits are mentioned below, it’s not enough.

Working Habit:
Successful people are workaholic; they work entire in their life.
Work very hard, stay at your job till late, full fill your daily task.

In your life, your work is very important, you must be happy at your work, if you not like the work, change it immediately.

Do what you like to do, work what you like to work; don’t work on what others are thinking about your work. You have to work. You must be happy at your work.

If you are not happy with your life, you have to change your work, work is critical to change, but you can change the way you work.

If you are not able to change your work, then change the way you work, changing your way is easy and no risk task, but whatever you do, do it with your full potential.


Devotion to your work is your passion. Do your work passionately. In life there is no high or low profile work, work is work only your beliefs about specific work determines your view-point towards your work.

Successful people are passionate about their work, they are workaholic. Passion is your burning desire to do work. Your desire is very important and how intense is your desire towards your goal.

Always be passionate about your work, about your life.

Live your life-like it’s a passion to live. Live life passionately.
If you live life passionately, then you will become happy and motivated in life.

Learning Habit:
It’s a very important habit in life.
Learn, learn and only learn.

There is no failure there are only learning in life. Learn new things and accept changes in life.

There is no coaching required learn, I saw some people they are not educated, but they know how to deal with new technology in life, for example smart phones, laptops, excel sheet, emails. They know what is required, they do that, they learn, because they have desire and passion to learn.

Learn from small things, and there is tremendous opportunity to learn from small things is life, learn from your failure. Learning from failure will teach you more lessons than learning from your success.

Become a student and stay student in entire life.

These three points will change your life, entirely if you like to work on it.

Accept Change In Your Life.

To Your Success,

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar


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