Success is not an Accident

Success is not an accident 1Success is an accident; you must be at right place at right time to becoming successful. You must be lucky, you must be fortunate, the successful people have different story all together, all they are by god grace, they have background, and successful people are different people. Have you heard all this sentences while having discussion in groups?

All this sentences come from people who live their life by accident, but accident happen unconsciously, might be some people have at right place at right time but all are not successful, why? Because all people have opportunities, chance to do something great, but they are not take action, they stay at it is and time is gone.

If you heard this sentence again, feel those people are living by accident, but all life you cannot live by accident only, accident happens very rarely. Don’t become victim of accident. Prepare yourself, capitalize on your strength, take time and compound your success.

Life is a series of random accidents, it is going to happen, and accident is psychology and lot of people lives it.

If plan to fail, and have no goals, you are going to be unsuccessful. Nobody in the world want to be unsuccessful, frustrated, but deciding to fail, what you want exactly? Are leads to uncertain and random occurrences over which you have no control?

People those live by accident psychology are negative, pessimistic and helpless and feel as though they have little control over their lives.

People live in the shadow of accident and blame others for their problems. They make excuses, perform below their potential, and busy themselves in unproductive things like television watching, alcohol, drugs, aimless socializing, and waste of discussion on those subjects which are not related to their lives.

The beauty of Goals is that you will not live your life by accident psychology. The goals give you a feeling of power, purpose, control and forward direction in life. You will become in charge of your life, you will become responsible and you will feel terrific about yourself.

Goal setting is must, there is no substitute.

How to apply in your life?

1)   Find areas in your life where you are dissatisfied, frustrated and unhappy, do one thing on one problem, take control of your bad situation, make one change and do it immediately. And do it today, as you know there is no tomorrow.

2)   Change the entire game of the situation by taking decision and by taking control of that situation, do it fast, don’t care about the outcome, you will get results only you perform, and if you do that you fell wonderful.


Always remember,

“Accidents are rare, but your goals, self-control are permanent with you, so believe in your strength rather than accident”

To Your Success!

Sign Final Harish




Harish S Kawalkar

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