Stay out of your Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneI find one thing, which is common in every person; they limit themselves, and want to stay in their comfort zone. Limit is a choice, if you want to make or you don’t want to make. Limit is not present in the real world, it’s in a mind. How you find your limits?

Remember you are a limitless person.

Nobody in the world limit you. Don’t limit your thinking, and don’t limit your dreams. If you limit yourself, you are drawing a boundary for yourself. Don’t draw boundary at all. Whatever you think, you can become, with one condition, don’t stay in your comfort zone. In sales if you limit yourself, you are not going to be successful. Let all opportunity work for you. I find few sales people they don’t have any sales for the day in morning, but they accomplish extraordinary sales figure at evening. When we look, what work for
him? I find the answer, his hard work, his dedication, his commitment and his relationship with the customer.

If you want to be successful in life, do hard work, dedicate yourself to your dream and commitment towards yourself, you can fool all the people around you, but if you fool yourself you are going to be

Locking opportunity:
It’s very simple, if you are limiting yourself, you are locking opportunities. Remember if you achieve one goal, the second goal is visible; you will work on second goal. It is possible, if you achieve first goal.
So, don’t stay in your comfort zone.

Limit boundaries:

If you are limiting yourself up to specific boundaries, then you will achieve within boundaries. You’re boundaries will expand if you go up to the extent of your boundaries.

Self limit:

Remember all your limits are only self limits, and all self limits are only exists in your own mind. So don’t hesitate to break your own limits.
How to break your Comfort Zone?
Success begins at the end of your comfort zone:
Remember, your success begins at the end of your comfort zone. Break your comfort zone as early as possible.

Face fear early:

Face your fear early in life. Don’t become victims of your fear, people stay in their comfort zone due to their fears. You might have financial fear; fear of criticism is a major block. What people say about you, they might criticize you, and lot of people stay at comfort zone due to fear of criticism.  

Take risk:

Take risk in life, but don’t take unnecessary risk, there is a difference between risk and uncertainty, take calculated risk in life. Remember no risk no gain. If you want to be big result in life, then take risk. Comfort zone and risk are two different corners. People are not taking risk, and they created comfort zone around them.  So take calculated risk.    

Don’t think too much:

Lot of people, wastes their time in thinking rather than doing things. Thinking too much and doing nothing create comfort zone, so don’t think too much. Rather than thinking do the things first.

Ready to lose:

People are afraid of losing something. You must always be ready to lose the things; you might stay in your comfort zone, because you don’t want to lose. So be ready to lose. 

To Your Comfort Zone,


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