Service Matters


Service MattersService matters, in every field of your work, you are serving other people, organization, customers, student and your friend.

Each and every field of life you are serving other. How you serve well than others? What customer service means to you? Service is the key.

We all are living to our lives by serving other people in some way. You are in the service industry.

We are all depending upon others, and we carry service to others, to please them.

Our main job as a member of society is to find the best way to give service to our society. The better the service the better is the rewards. Your compensation and rewards are directly proportionate to your quality and value of your service. Nothing is free, and nothing is for average, everything is depending upon the quality and value. Big corporate and companies are ready to serve you’re the quality and value. Those are not able to serve their customers with quality of service, those are not sustainable. Find the sustainability index of companies, and how they are different in terms of quality and value of their service to customers? You will find the amazing answers.

In personal service industry, small business and our day today activity service is very important.

If you are teacher, investor, sales person, whatever you are, your rewards and compensation is depend upon the value you cultivate and carry in your student, your customers.

The more quality of your service you put in, the more you get out.

You all are ultimately paid for results, and your results are derived from the quality of your service. The focus of more value to the customers than competitors is the secret behind the successful business.

When you are dedicate to yourself the value and quality of service you carry to your customers than anyone else, you take complete control over situation and your service that ultimately leads your successfully career in fast track.


Find one area of your service, in which you can improve your service, try to increase little bit, if not possible to change it completely. Finding, improving and serving value and quality to your customer will change your fortune. If you do this for thirty days, you will get the results.


Till then, dedicate to your quality service.

To Your Success Service!

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Harish S Kawalkar

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