Self Control

Self Control FinalHow you feel? How you perform? How you achieve? How you live? How you develop relationship? How you take decision? All this things are decided by your control on your thoughts, on your action and most importantly on your circle.

If you find yourself that you are in control of yourself, you feel happy; achieve anything faster than you think.

You feel negative if you are not in control of yourself. You feel down, you are not self motivated if you are not in your control.

I called it’s a self control. It is just like self discipline.

Self-Control provides you the direction.

If you are not self controlled then you lose direction and you handover your self-control to your circumstances and other people.

The psychology of self-control, start with where is your Centre Of Control (COC)? If your COC is controlled by you then its inner, but if you are not self controlled then you are COC is outer and it is controlled by outside forces like, your circumstances or other people.

You are totally responsible for your COC and your COC decide your direction for entire life.

If you feel you boss, bills, payment, your negative thoughts, your health or anything else control or forces you to do what you really want to do then it is considered that you have external COC.

Those people having internal Center Of Control, feels happy, low stress and high performance personalities. If you are having external Center of Control (COC) feels negative, highly pressured, and low performance personalities.

The control on your thoughts, control on your behavior and control on your intentions, all are determines the values you live in your life, and your values are determined by the internal Center Of Control (COC).

Change Is Permanent:

The only thing in the universe is permanent is Change. You must accept and change yourself, than criticizing the change, it is happing everywhere, but how you take and control it, is more important and which decide your success.

Change is scary for most of the people.  People avoid every kind of change, which might be positive also. This is why goals are important. Goals allow you to control the direction of change. Goals assure you to that change in your life are in the direction that you want to go. Goals give you the power to control your self-control.

It is very true, that those people who are having Goals in their life never lose the self-control and Goal develops the Internal Center of Control.

Your internal COC leads to increase the greater responsibility of your own.

Your self-control change leads you fast than uncontrolled change.

Take Control Of Your Life:

Take control of your life and it is start with the taking control of your mind.

Your ability to think the thoughts you want, and determine the goals and results you desire, is the starting point of all happiness and all success in life.

Successful people read what they want to read, they think what they want to think, they do what they want to do, and finally they get results what they want to get. All this happens due to the Internal Centre of Control which leads to Self-Control.

How to use and take benefit from your Self-Control:

1)   Find the areas in your life in which you have frustration, stress and anger. The starting point of dealing with this kind of situation is for you to identify it clearly.

2)   Resolve and make decision on this situation and take control of the entire bad situation in your life. You might change that situation or stop doing and reacting in this bad situation.

Always remember,

“You are where you are in life, where your self-control leads to you. Not there, where your situation leads to you”


To Your Success!

Sign Final Harish




Harish S Kawalkar

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