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Who are you today? And what will you become tomorrow?Untitled

Everything is depending upon your self-concept.

So, your current self concepts and your new self-concept’s will help you in get more success in life.

What is Self Concepts?

Self concept is, “The specific mental image of yourself in to your mind”. What are your mental images of people around you, your family, and your environment determines who you are today.

Your views will become your concepts over the period of time. So, choosing and working around your views are very important.

If you have an opportunity to speak at conference in around 1000 people, what are your feelings, at that movement describe your self-concept.
Public speaking as a fear, crafted in your mind in childhood days. So if other person is a good at public speaking, you can become good in the same field.

Your personal background creates your self-concepts, your family background, like how your father behaves with you. How your mother take care of you.

What you are doing today is directly related to your self-concepts.

Some self concepts are holding you back; you have to know how to deal with your self-concepts, and how to create new self concepts.


Reading is the best habit. By reading books which is related to your field will help you in understanding and forming new concepts. If you are poor in public speaking, you can read book related to public speaking, will help you in better at public speaking. Read 1 book every month, in area which you having very weak self concept. Will give you a boost and you will become new person at end of the year by reading 12 books.

Mastermind Group:
Form your mastermind group, if you are very bad at public speaking, you must have a persons in your group those are very good at public speaking. like wise you must have people; those are very good at specific work. Some people are very good at managing finance. In investing and in finance people have very bad self concepts.
So form group which will help you in your self concepts.

Listening is the key of successful people. I find some successful people they talk less as compare to their listening. By talking less they avoid a lot of non sense issues. When you talk you will think less. And if you listen to somebody you think lot, which increase your creativity.
So listen very carefully. By listening you will understand more. If you understand more you think more and your thinking creates your self-concepts.
What you think about yourself is self concept. Thinking big will definitely change your self-concepts.

Others behavior towards you. How other treat you and how others behave with you. Create your self concepts. If your surrounding is full of negative thoughts and negative views about yourself you self concepts collapse, and you will not perform up to your full potential. Don’t change your mind on others opinion, become a person of your own opinion. If you depend lot on others opinion your self concept damages.

Learn and study how other successful people have their self concepts. Study their body language and how they face particular situation, will help you in learning and creating your self-concepts.

It’s a great way of improving your self concepts. Visualize yourself as a successful person, your self concept changes, your way of work changes, your thinking changes and you ultimately become a successful person. So visualization has a great power to change your life. If your self-concept is poor about public speaking, you can visualize yourself as a successful public speaker and you have held that visual at the time of public speaking. You can definitely become successful in public speaking.

What are your values will become your self-concept. So, you must become a person of values and high integrity. You must adhere and stick to your values which will help you in protecting your positive self concepts.

Self Talk:
How you talk with yourself. People have a lot of time talking on issues which is not related to them.
Talk with you positively, always talks to motivate yourself. Your self-talk is a major part in creating your self-concepts.


Best of luck!

To Your Success,

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar

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