The Secret of Your Genius (The art of thinking clearly)


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Big sorry from my end, that is from last so many days, I had not written a single word. The simple answer to this, I am quite busy in my personal life.

Let’s Start with the Few Questions?

To cover the chessboard with rice, putting one grain of rice on the first square, and then on every subsequent square, twice the previous number of grains. How much grains required?

Write down your answer… then read further.

In last week I came across the book called “The art of thinking clearly” from Rolf Dobelli. The book is fantastic, and having deep insights of how we are failure to think clearly, experts called it as “Cognitive error”

I highly recommend to read this book, each and every line of this book will make you better in your decision making process.

In this book you get a fundamental of clear thinking process. The fundamental is Negative knowledge (what not to do) is much more potent than positive knowledge (what to do) eliminate all errors and better thinking will follow.

Availability Bias:

Smoking can’t be bad for you: my grandfather smoked the packs of cigarettes a day and lived to be more than 100.

What it is?

The availability bias says this: We create a picture of the world using the examples that most easily come to mind. This is absurd, of course, because in reality things don’t happen frequently just because we can conceive of them more easily.

Hindsight Bias:

It makes us believe we are better predictors than we actually are, causing us to be arrogant about our knowledge and consequently to take too much risk

Loss Aversion:

The fear of losing something motivates people more than the prospects of gaining something of equal value.


The interesting bias to reads are,

There are 99 bias or errors in this book, we make while thinking, few interesting are mention in blow list, read it and remove it….

  1. Chauffeur Knowledge – Don’t take news anchors seriously
  2. The it will get worse before it gets better fallacy
  3. outcome bias (never judge a decision by its outcome)
  4. Social Loafing
  5. Exponential growth
  6. Winners curse
  7. Framing
  8. Social Proof – If 50 million people say something foolish, is it still foolish?
  9. The Swimmer’s Body Illusion – Does Harvard make you smarter?
  10. Overconfidence effect – Why you systematically overestimate your knowledge and abilities.


From the Epilogue:

MICHELANGELO: “[What is the] secret of your genius?” “Simple. I removed everything that is not David.”

We do not know what makes us successful. We cannot pinpoint exactly what makes us happy.

Negative knowledge is much more potent than positive knowledge: what not to do vs. what to do.

Do not focus on what is David. Focus on what is not David.

Eliminate errors, and better thinking will follow.

We cannot say what God is; we can only say what God is not.

Answer to the grains question is, we would need more rice than was growing on earth, when it comes to growth do not trust your intuition. It’s a classic example of exponential growth


The last sentence I write here, why this book is important to read is,

“It is much more common that we overestimate our knowledge than we underestimate it”

If it’s true in your case, highly recommended to you, must read this book…..!!!!!

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Disclaimer: Lot of content from the book itself


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