Are you really living your life?

Really Living Are you living your life?

There are three types of, living your life.

1) Spending your life:
Spending, you are just spending your life on unnecessary things. Like criticizing, chatting, and lot of things. Trading time, which is available in your life. But time is for investment not for trading.

2) Earning your life:
Use your life for earns something, like money, fame, etc. Nothing wrong in earning. But don’t spend all your life earning.

3) Valuing your life:
It’s important to generate value out of your life, and its highest type of living your life. I personally advice everybody, to live valuable life. Do something valuable in life.

Let’s discuss

Today, I just asking you a straight question. Nothing special, everybody is living for something, money, fame, for family. Nothing wrong in it.
But spend some time for living for a cause.

Live for a cause:
Life so big to live for a cause and life is too short to live for yourself. I ask question myself why some people spend entire their life to live for some cause, and spend entire life on that cause. I find answer up to some extent, because they are responsible, they feel satisfied, and they have importance towards their life.

So, like to live for a cause,

Do your routine work every day but dedicate some time towards cause, like Poverty, Education, Health and Women empowerment

Dedicate your time to people who are poor, help them financially. Educate them. Health is a big issue across the world, so you must help others to have healthy life, and you also live healthy life.

Responsibility: if you are living for a cause, then you accept responsibility, you are responsible for your life, your family, your friends, and your country and in last you are responsible for your society.
There might be, lot of wrong things in society, don’t blame the wrong things, accept that things and try to change the wrong things.
Don’t do wrong things in life, do right, accept right and teach others to be right.

Dare to be different:
Dare to be different in life to live for a cause. Everybody living normal life because they are not dare to be different. There is no need to make huge difference to your life, just make little difference, little difference with consistency become huge impact. So let’s start small, and become big.

Change for good:
Remember change is the permanent thing in life. You might change yourself or not, change is going to happen, so it’s better to be on the side of positive change.

Change yourself and live life for a cause,
Change yourself to help others,
Change yourself to live valuable life.


To Your Valuable Living

Sign Final Harish 



Harish S Kawalkar
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