How to raise super kids (Every father must read)

Father Day FinalMy father always forces me to do which is uncomfortable to me, when I was fourteen years old. And till date he is do that.  I don’t understand that time why he is interested to do these things with me?

He always try to push my limits, when I can’t understand the computer, he always push me to do computer courses. I always have a love towards my father, this father day; let’s discuss how to raise super kids.

The most important asset in the world, this is more valuable than any other asset in the investment world.

Your kids!

Just to remind you,

What you expect from your kids?

How your kids behaving with others?

What your kids want to become?

What kind of beliefs you want to develop in your kids?

Let’s start,

Your kids are like a fertile agriculture land, what you want to sow? What you like to reap? And what kind of quality you want to have?

Following are the steps which changes your kid into super kid.

1) Love:

Love is the first and important in every healthy relationship. Kids only understand the language of love; they talk in the form of love. The first emotion god given to kid is love. So don’t hesitate to love your kid.

When you love your kid, they talk to you more, they want to understand more. Without understanding your kid, how you expect to raise your kid?

So, love leads to understanding and understanding leads to open the new way towards the thinking process of your kid.

Love is a very essential and healthy emotion in everybody’s life. So how you use it, determines your relationship capabilities. So, love your kid more than anything else in the world.

2) You are the example:

Before kids are learning to talk, they started to mimic father or mother. They like to behave how father or mother is behaving. So your behavior is more important, and don’t try to change your kids behavior, want to change, change yourself first.

Change your bad habits, and adapt new habits, like exercise, morning walk, and yoga. Reading is the most important, if you want to have reading habits in your kid, you must read first, they will automatically read and adapt your habits.

Always remember, you are the first idol person of your kid for entire his or her life.

3) Don’t punish:

Don’t punish your kid. Try to understand why they are making mistake. If you punish them at every mistake, they don’t try new things, and if they stop new things to do, they will not learn new things. They will not dare to do new things, which is automatically the result of failure.

If your kid is making mistake, don’t punish them, try to understand why he is making mistake? Find it and solve in front of him which will encourage to do new things and he will become more confident person in life.

Punishment is not the answer of any problem. You can punish, if your kid understands again he make mistakes, then he has attitude problem, you can’t solve it through only by understanding or punishing him. So, remember punishing not always the best answer.

4) Trust:

Let them take risk and fail. And when he fail, tell him failure is the part of game, if you quit this time your game is over, and you will have nothing, and if you fight till you get success, you always remain in the game. So trust your kid, in both the cases, he might get failure or success.

If you as a father trust your kid, over the period of time, they are going to trust themselves, and trust builds self-confidence. People always ask my kid is not confident, but they never find the problem, they want solution, but it’s impossible to find solution without finding problem first.

You as a father you are not always with your kid for entire his or her life so whatever you want to teach your children, you teach them when they are with you and you can test them if they are capable or not.

5) Let them free:

Let you kid free, let your child free,

You don’t know how they make choices? Let them free to take decision, let them free to do mistakes in life, let them free to have risks in life, let them free to make friend, let them free to choose which is good or bad, let them free to live life.

Because when you free them, they become independent, they become confident, they know what is good for them, they will expand their limits to have more visible and incredible life, which you might not imagine.

6) Self Beliefs:

If your kid told it is not like that, if you know he is wrong, so tell them the truth and change his beliefs.

And your kids self beliefs are much more important things in life. What he fill about himself.

Try to tell your child, you are very beautiful, you are very talented, you know better than me, and you are very good at sport. If you encourage telling him these things, he accept and his beliefs going to be change. And he is having positive self beliefs.

In last, what I learn from my father? Which is incredibly important for me in my entire life and I want to write it for everybody.

 Comfort zone.

My father always pushes me to do uncomfortable things in life, which have positive effect on my comfort zone, and have positive effect on my entire thinking. So when your kid is growing try to do little uncomfortable things and measure how he reacts to his uncomfortable situation.

Push your limits.

Do what you want to do, my father always suggest it to me. Whenever I discuss with him, in new things, he is always take part in discussion and have his view on that, but he never told me to don’t do this things. Do the things first which pushes your limit, because your limit increases when you try to push your limit.

So don’t limit your kid, let them free, because you don’t know the limit of your kid, at least try to push the limits.

Take hard and practical decision in life.

My father is great decision maker, always take hard and practical decision. He has this motto when taking decision. At a kid level let them take their own decision, when they grow up in life they will practice to take hard and practical decision. Don’t take emotional decision at all, because at first step it is accepted everywhere, but at the end it hurts more. So always try to take hard and practical decision.

Hard Work:

My father always a great fan of hard work, he told me, whenever there is a work, there is an only hard work, there are ways to do hard work but always remember in life, there is no substitute for hard work.

Let’s take example from investment world

When warren buffet work he work hard, people says he work smart, but he read nine to ten hours a day. Are you ready to do that? No because we invent a new world called smart work, and we are totally depend on that, and we try to take investment tips, which leads to failure.

So remember when work, only hard work works nothing else.

Ethics & Values:

My father told to me one day, don’t do wrong things in life at all and don’t do things wrong way. These sentences have deep impact on my life. Be ethical in life; develop positive healthy values for yourself.

At least be ethical in life and must have values in place.

Remember your success incomplete without ethics and values in your life.

Try to learn your kid, he must told you right things, he must behave positively, he don’t do wrong things in life. And you have a duty to develop your child ethical and valuable in his life.

To Your Parental Success!

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Harish S Kawalkar


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