Principles of Success

principles of success

There is no secret formula for success, but there are different principles for different peoples, but there are common principles you can easily find in successful peoples. All people are same, but those who are passionate and have burning desire to apply success principles are becoming more and more success in life. There is no end, life is so beautiful, that you can ever imagine.

Let’s have discuss success principles,

Ability to Take Action:

The ability to take action is the first principles, lot of people only think, how to become successful, but only thinking not produces result you have to mix your thinking with action, then can only you get results. So you must build your ability step by step, there is no hurry, take your time, but whenever you are capable take action, don’t hesitate.

Remember in life, there are rewards only for action, whatever may be the result. Results are outcome, and without action you can’t get outcome.

There are no failure or success there are only outcome, when you think in terms outcome you will not bother about results, because fear of failure is the main culprit in lot of cases, like fear of failure there is fear of success also, so don’t think at all about results think about outcomes.

You can change the outcome, but you can’t change the result, when you think in this way, your attitude changes very fast, and you will become action oriented.

Try to produce new outcome every time till you will not get desired outcome. You have to change your action slightly to change the outcome; it’s very easy, but tough to do it, because our habits resist doing it.

Do not believe in failure at all, when Sachin Tendulkar plays cricket, lot of time go back to pavilion without making single run, so he is failure, no he plays for outcome that is he plays for run. Normal people think he fails today, successful people never believe in failure. Try to believe in outcome, don’t believe in failure. Lot of people fails in their formal education but they are more successful in life, because they are not believed in failure.

Take Charge:

Take charge of your life, take responsibility, you are the one and only person who are responsible for your life. When you take charge of your life, you are in driving seat of your life, and you drive your life, the way you want. If you not take charge of your life, other people will take charge of your life and he drive your life by his way, your life will be miserable. So at any cost take charge of your life, I have written a separate book on this subject, you can buy it on Amazon.


Stretch yourself, do more work than you imagine, take more risk, call people take help, do something different every day.

Go to the limit which you think it’s enough, stretch yourself, when you stretch you expand your limit, and you will get more and expanded outcome, which ultimately become your success milestones.

Never think you are not capable to do, do and do it to limitless, stretch.

Commit to yourself, you do different things and do it till you get stretch. Commitment is the best quality to adapt, don’t commit to others, but commitment to yourself is the quality which very few people have and those are very highly successful people.

You must have a role model to mimic in life, because you get inspiration and motivation from your idol. Having role model is not important act and thinks like your role model, and then you can change your life.


Integrity is the most important subject in life. Let’s have a understanding of integrity, it can be define as follows,

“The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”.

As per Warren Buffett “Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people”

Don’t compromise on your integrity, you will face tough time, but remember when you stick to your integrity you will work on your own terms and conditions, and in negotiations of life only those people get success who works on their own terms and condition not on others.

Say no immediately and you will get yes from your life, because you are with your integrity.

Leave your life with high integrity.

Life is very beautiful, with lot of happiness, you need to be one of them..go for and live life happily….!!!!!


To Your Success with Lot of Love!

Sign Final Harish




Harish S Kawalkar

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