All your effective performance comes from the preparation you do before doing task. Highly successful and professional people dedicate more time on preparation compare to normal average people.

If you are prepared in advance, more opportunities will come to you, because only prepared person can see opportunities and know the advantages in advance, blind people and unprepared persons are like head light without battery backup, there is no use of unprepared persons.

The key to success in today’s competitive world is to be prepared for everything. Cricketers, sports people are prepared more hours, days and years for few minutes’ performance. You have to pay the price in advance to be prepared.

The world is for prepared people, prepare your mind, prepare your body, prepare and upgrade your knowledge, the change is permanent in every field, if you are not prepared you are out dated, try and dare to prepare.

Be determined, be decisive, and be prepared. Do your hard work and pay attention to every smallest detail, because over the period of time it will be your weakness rather than your strength, give more time for preparation. There is no hurry to become great in everything but at least try your effort and hard work to be well prepared in one thing.

Preparation will add value in yourself, which is investing or sowing in your future success, but you have to cultivate your success over the period of times.

As per the Peter Drucker,

“Action without thinking is the cause of every failure”

Taking action without thinking is the sure way to failure, prepared before taking any kind of action, success is not the one day program, and it requires your long time hard work. Prepare yourself and take dedicated action in right direction you will be super successful.

It’s no easy to be preparing, but you have to pay the price, it is always better to be prepared in advance for everything. Lot of people not prepared for financially, they enjoy their earning years but they never invest and never grow their wealth, for future and old age days where earning is low and expense will be high.

Everything is in your hand, if we accept the responsibility and do your hard work, read more books, don’t talk too much, be calm, have patient, and dedicate your time to each and every kind of preparation.

Remember you cannot buy the preparation; you yourself have to be prepared, you cannot buy success you have to be failure before become successful. Don’t afraid and don’t be fearful for criticism, welcome it and dare to be failure, you will become unstoppable. It is your life, let make it huge success!

To Your Preparation!

Sign Final Harish




Harish S Kawalkar

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