Play Your Game

Play Your Game 1

You are unique in the whole world, nobody matches your potential, you are having limitless potential to explore the world and achieve success. You are at the center of stage, remember you are the success.

I believe in sport, sport is real, like life is real, your skills, your stamina and your beliefs at the stake. If you believe in yourself, you can change the world.

Today I saw movie “miracle” I saw miracle almost four to five times, but whenever I see, I learn new every time. In short the movie is based on ice hockey, all players are from different backgrounds, and they don’t know how to play ice hockey. But the coach believes in all players, train them, and the team wins against all the major team in tournament.

Whenever game is tough the coach cheers with the word “play your game”

Why play your game? Because, you know you are best. Nobody is there for you on the field; field will test all your skills. If you are with the necessary skills you know where to use it.

You know your realities better than anybody in the world, so ultimately you know how to deal with it.

When you play your game, you might fail first time, but you will learn the valuable lessons, and you will definitely wins.

Why play your game?
You will become more focus, when you play your game. You will achieve your goal faster than anything else, if you are focus. To collect all your different power at one force, and this one force will drive your action and your mind towards your goal. Your success and failure is depending upon your focus. And stay focus at your goal is the strength. Lot of people focus at the start of project, but they lose their focus over the period of time. You will become focus person entire your life, if you play your game.

When you are ready to play your game, you are accepting responsibility. Successful people are responsible. Responsible people are having high value and high ethics in their life. Become responsible person in life, if you are irresponsible in your life, then you will not accomplish anything in life. Dare to be responsible in life. Accept responsibility of your life. Accept responsibility of your failures and success. Accepting responsibility required clear determination of your abilities.

Remember always, if you are ready to play your game you are going to get more success in life.

So, be ready to play your game, don’t ask anybody in the world what to do now? If you want opinion get it from books. Read a lot, listen enough and speak less. If you follow this, you are good. For any critical situation, take help from your parents, but remember play your game.

So, starts from today “play your game”

To Your Success,

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Harish S. Kawalkar

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