Personal Development Plan Of Your Life

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Personal Development Plan Of Your Life

Are you in control of your life? Do you have a clear and inspiring idea of what you want to achieve in your life? Are you on your plan to achieve your goal in life?

If you are in charge of your life, you feel superior. You will accomplish more than ordinary people.

If you are not take charge of your life, might someone will take charge, and you have to lose control of your life. You have to take charge of your life.

Three step of Personal Development Plan

1) Take Control (Charge)

2) Idea or GOAL

3) Plan

Personal Development Plan

How to take charge of your life?

Take Responsibility:

You are responsible of your life, and you should responsible for your decision, your family, your career, your dream and your goal.

If you take responsibility, you will look your life from different point of view. You will take decision in different ways.

Every successful person in any field is responsible of his own goal. If you refuse to take responsibility, you will not take charge of your life at all.

Responsibility is most important factor of leadership. You have to be responsible to your action.


Before setting any goal in your life, you have to understand yourself first. And…………

Ask yourself what you want to achieve in your life? If you have definite answer then you have a clear idea of your life.

I find some people in society, they don’t know what to do in life, and they don’t have any purpose. You must have purpose in life. Your purpose might be personal growth, career growth, to do something beneficial to society. But you have some inspiring idea in your life.

Your goal or purpose must inspire you every time; otherwise, your passion to achieve your goal diminishes over the period of time.

So, do what you like to do, which will inspire you every time.

Life is too short to do something meaningful in life.

So, you have some idea or you have definite goal in life. This is your second step of your personal development plan.


Plan is important in life. You have to plan according to your skills, your strength; you cannot plan on your weakness.

You have to analyse your current situation, so you can make better plan to achieve your goal.

You have to consider your skill sets; if you are not social person you cannot be successful in Insurance agent business. So before to plan anything you have to analyse your skills, you have to analyse your current situation.

If you analyse everything, then you are able to plan effectively.

You know necessary skills to achieve your goal, you know the time period.

Understanding yourself first is important in life to better at decision-making, better in plan and better and happy in life.

Few steps for better at plan:


Your plan should be time bounded, you have to draw your plan to achieve specific goal in specific time period.


Creating plan is important, but you have to be action oriented, otherwise there is no result from your plan.


If there is specific skills are required to achieve your plan, you have to adapt and learn new skills. You should be open to learn new things in life.


Your relationship with other people will helpful in achieving and making plan.

Before creating your personal development plan of your life, you have to ask yourself, is my plan benefiting others?

The purpose of writing this week success letter is….

You must have specific goal in life, which will benefit others and will give satisfaction in your life. Over the period of year, if your grandchildren look and ask to your accomplishments in life you have a best answer to tell. They must inspire from your life.

“Live life which will inspire to others”

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is.  What are you doing for others?

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Best of luck!

To Your Success,

Sign Harish

Harish S. Kawalkar

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