Mental Blocks – Lack of Necessary Education



Lack of Necessary Education:

Formal education is needed to understand the basic things in life. If you know the numeric and basic math calculation and in language the basic alphabet and be able to read, write and speak, you are eligible to become successful. Again I say not necessary, in my life I know few people they don’t know how to read the number and they don’t know the basic calculation, but they are highly successful in their field. They depend upon another person to do their job.

If you know the basic of everything and you have a desire to self study and become successful I guarantee you, you will have ultimate success in life.

Necessary education is a mental block and a famous excuse. Yes there is a need of necessary education while doing brain surgery, but it not required daily.

Just for example, when people have discussion with me regarding stock market, they know how to do that everything but they stop themselves due to lack of necessary education, just do the things in first place, and read books on that topic and have some calculation, have patience and you will have the good result.

People stop themselves after formal education like graduation or in post graduation, when they find the job and have salary in place. But it is not enough to stop the education, the real education start when your formal education stops.

Take any people, whom you think is successful, study him carefully, his habits, his reading, his friends all are link to each other and they capitalize on each opportunities.

There is no need to be educated about subject to become successful. If you don’t have knowledge about particular subject you can hire a people to do the things, or get help from your friend, just read it in previous mental block. All mental blocks are interlinked. The soft skills, attitude, behavior, finance, relationship and money you have to learn it in real world.

Bill gates, Steve Jobs are not very good in education but they learn how to become successful. If they said I don’t have necessary education to found Microsoft or Apple, they block their ultimate success and we don’t have software and amazing apple I pod in place.

Just do it and learn the necessary skills. Nobody is perfect in the world, but their passion, dedication and never give up attitude make them successful.

So from now onward, don’t be in a trap of necessary education. Go and achieve ultimate success. Remove the mental block of necessary education.

To Your Success!

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