Master Key to Success – Self Discipline

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Master Key to Success – Self Discipline

The one thing is common in all successful people.

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Self Discipline

Self discipline is a habit of successful people. There is no magic, why some people are more successful than other people; the successful people have right habit.

Today we are discussing about self-discipline.

Self discipline is a master-key to success. How you discipline yourself to do the things determines your success rate.

If you have long-term view with your goal and you are self disciplined in your plan then you are on the path of success.

You have to sacrifice short-term rewards or pleasure for long-term gain. You must decide what kind of sacrifice has no impact on your goal.

       Key areas to be self-discipline

Self Control:

Self discipline means self-control; you must have a great control on yourself. If you don’t have any control you can go on the wrong way. So self-discipline in your action; is much more important than any other tool in life.

Self discipline leads to self-control and self-control results into patience; and patience is another key of success. So if you want to be successful in life you must be self-discipline.

Improve yourself:       

If you are self-discipline the results are good. You have to force yourself to the right things, that might be hard to do, but if you do it, you feel great and your self-respect improves. Self respect plays an important role in increasing self-esteem.


You must be self disciplined in your thinking, don’t think about unnecessary things in life. If you don’t think about the unnecessary things you will avoid a lot of problems in life.

You must think about your goal lot of time. Create ideas about, how you achieve your goal by different ways? Think only about your goal, your plan, and your way to do the things.

If you are self disciplined in your thinking you are more focus in your action. Only your action leads to results. So, if you want to be result oriented, you must be discipline in your thinking.

Hard Work:

You must be self-discipline in your work. And there is no substitute to hard work. Lot of people say or talk about smart work, but I think smart work is the word of manipulated people.

You cannot achieve long-term success without hard work. You can have short-term gain, if you do smart work. But our focus should be long-term success in life, not short-term gains.

You must focus on only hard work, if you are a hard work person in your action, you will develop a MOAT around you.

(A deep, wide ditch surrounding a castle, fort, or town, typically filled with water and intended as a defense against attack; by Wikipedia.

In investment world it is defined as,

The competitive advantage, that one company has, over other companies in the same industry. This term was coined by renowned investor Warren Buffett.)

So you must work very hard. Wake up early in morning, work hard till late, and don’t look at how hard you are in work? Only be in action.

Become a person of action oriented.


Persistence means continued effort. You should develop a habit of persistence in your action. If you are persistence in your action you are on the high road of success. Because at the end, only results counts and results come from persistence in your action (Hard Work)

Self discipline is just a starting point you have to be self disciplined in entire your life, in your profession.
If you are self disciplined in every area of your life your success is guaranteed.

Best luck for your Self Discipline!

To Your Success

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