Live the story you would like to tell

Live the storyBefore reading, one small exercise, seat comfortably be cool, calm, have time, think for your life, then you are ready to read.

What kind of story you like, what you will tell to your grandchildren, when they ask for story, live your life in such a way that, your own life becomes your own great story.


What you will learn in life, will decide your story, have you learn from your failure, or you learn from your success. I have my own opinion, great failure and lot of failure will give you success, failure is success and great failure is great success, on one condition you not have to quit. Quitting is the habit of failure persons. Don’t quit at any condition in life, if you are ready to quit you are closing all the options, even you are closing your own hope, you are closing your own valuable beliefs. Failure is not bad quitting is definitely bad, because quitting will not give you any result except failure.

Why people like successful people? Because they have something more than success, to share with others called great learning. You learn when you fail, you fail when you try, and you try when you decide, so decide to become successful, and deal with your failure.

Life is simple in terms of success. When you expect success in your life, there is only two options one is success and second is failure, make a plan for your failure, when you are going to fail, what will you do, if you have a plan then there is no reason to be worry about success or failure, both are the outcome of your own actions and your won decisions.

(Fail—>learn—>fail—>learn (do this) till Success.) Don’t quit

So learn great lessons in life, to tell your story.

Story has its script, your scripts is your learning. So build your story on your own scripts.


Every great story has its action. So what kind of action you take. Decide your story. Your actions are ethical or unethical; decide you are hero or villain. What will you choose, off course you choice hero.

Love, Trust, don’t do wrong to others, Dedication, Forgiveness, Honesty, Patience, Respect, Compassion

Love: Love is the most important value in hero’s life, so love everybody in life, don’t hate. How many people love you determine, how good you are to others.

Trust:  Don’t brake others trust. Are you trustworthy in your life? Have you build trust around you. Become a trust worthy person in life. Have trust in others and also trust yourself, in terms of your capabilities, trust your SWOT,

Don’t do wrong to others: If you have a chance and you have all capabilities to do wrong to others, then also don’t do wrong to others. It’s very bad, nature is neutral to all, I you do wrong to others, and someone definitely will do wrong with you. So do well for other. Don’t do wrong.

Dedication: Are you dedicated person. Have you dedication to your goal. If you are not dedicated you will not do great things in life.

Forgiveness: Forgive to everybody in life. Don’t mind what they do to you. It’s great to forgive others. Forgiveness is a positive side of life, stand with positive in life, then positive happen to you.

Honesty: It’s great to be honest in life. If you are honest in entire your life, you feel great, your self-esteem grows, and you will achieve extraordinary in life. Honesty is the great value in person’s life, never compromise on your honesty.     

Patience: It’s important to be having patience in life, when you are in bad condition, how you were deal with patience in such situation, will build your story at high level.

Respect: Respect your parents, respect teacher, respects colleague and respect yourself. All four are main respect in life. Build respect to your environment. Respect will not take it; you have to build it.

Compassion: Become a person of compassion to others, to poor, to Childs.

Your values are the learning lesson for your grandchildren. All values will give you flavor to you story. It’s a main block of your story.

Action, without values, you will not accomplish extraordinary in life, so your action incomplete without your achievement. So achieve great things in life with respect to all your values. People achieve great money in life, without values, this will not become a great story to tell your grandchildren. You story must have action with values and achievement with not compromising on values.    

So, hero has its own value, become a person of values in life. What are the great values you think are the most important in life.

Life Partner:

Find a great life partner, to share and build your story with. Become an unconditional lover. Your life partner must understand you. The understanding in between both is the main backbone of any relation, without understanding you can’t expect the relation. Become a caring parent in life; develop your child great way, teach him valuable things in life, help him to achieve the great things in life.

Find a loving life partner for you, is main important in your story.

Become Hero:

Become a hero of your own story. If you live with values in life and not compromise on your values, you are going to become hero.


Audience is the main part of your story, without audience your story remains incomplete. So, who is the audience, your friends, your well wishers, colleagues, people those are connected to you.

For your audience you have to empower to help them to achieve success in life. Help them to build a great story of their life. Always help people.

“Do great to others, great happens to you.”

Like, to build your story. Start from today, today is great day, tomorrow never comes.


To Your Story

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar


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