Life changing lessons from Sachin Tendulkar

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Life changing lessons from Sachin Tendulkar

Every sport will teach you life learning lessons, because there is a similarity between sports and life, both are practical, there is no shortcut, you have to work in real world. And if you are taking leaning from sports persons it’s great, and if it’s a legend then you will learn the success mantras.

Sachin FinalLet’s learn from “GOD OF CRICKET” Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

People look at the sachin’s cricket but sachin is more than cricket, if you like to be successful in life, you must have something extra compare to other people.

Why sachin become successful? Because of his cricket, I think NO big NO, sachin has few qualities, and due to this qualities sachin’s cricket is successful, learn and apply this qualities and become successful in life.


You must have dream in life, without dream you not going to achieve anything in life. Just read what sachin writes to its retirement letter to BCCI

“All my life, I have had a dream of playing cricket for India. I have been living this dream every day for the last 24 years. It’s hard for me to imagine a life without playing cricket because it’s all I have ever done since I was 11 years old.” 

Your dreams determine your success, you must have dream and you have to live your dream every day, sachin living his dream every day.

Sachin once said,

“Don’t stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true.”

If you have a dream, work hard for your dream, and live your dream every day. If you focus more on your dream, you will accomplish more effectively, and you will never be de motivated by setbacks and failure.

Dreams are the main factor of Sachin’s success. So dream big dreams.


Passion means strong emotions, devotion, and desire. You must have strong desire to be successful, as Sachin has only one burning desire to play great cricket. He never plays for records. Records are the part of his desire.

Sachin has great devotion towards cricket and his own game. He never knows anything more than cricket. He only plays his dream with passion.

Your passion is your driving force to complete your goal. Successful people are more passionate on dreams.

Remember what Robin Sharma says…

“People who have achieved great success are not necessarily more skillful or intelligent than others. What separates them is their burning desire and thirst for knowledge. The more one knows, the more one achieves.”

Skills and intelligent is important but more than that your desire and your passion is important.

Sachin has only one passion called “Cricket”


Successful people are focus on their goal. The elder brother of Sachin Tendulkar once said “Sachin’s strength is his Focus”

People ignore the focus, but your intensity of focus drive towards achieving your goal. People get more success due to their focus.

According to law of attraction, what you focus intensely on is what you get. If you focus on your goal, your action will automatically converted ultimately you got success.

Your focus attracts, and changes your thought process. Your thoughts are your focus.

In whole life sachin has only one focus to play great cricket for India. Your focus is your success.

Self Discipline:

Self Discipline is the master-key of success. Successful people are self disciplined people in life.

Sachin’s life changing tool is his self-discipline towards his life. Your self-discipline towards your responsibility, your passion, your goal and your hard work determines your success in life.

Unsuccessful people are undisciplined in their entire life.

Sachin has a great quality of self-discipline. People lost their self-discipline when they become successful, but sachin remain self-discipline after got huge success, which separate Sachin from normal successful people in life. There is a little difference between successful people and great people. The little difference is stay discipline after become successful.


Temperament means the combination of mental and emotional traits of a person.

Lot of people can play great cricket but they are not successful. Temperament is a mental strength of person, in starting I write there is a similarity between sports and life, because both are real. In cricket lot of times opposite team player ready to disturb batsman by many ways, but you must have great temperament to become successful.

In real life your right temperament play very important role in success. Success is not easy it’s a mental test, if you have all the skills and quality necessary to become successful but if you are not having right temperament you are going to be a big failure.

Your emotions are catalyst in between your thoughts and actions. Your emotions can decide your action, and in cricket and in life you must have right emotions otherwise your cricket or life become failure.

There is a secret, you’re mental and emotional traits are easily influenced by others might be positive or negative way. You must have a great control of your mental and emotional traits.    

Sachin has a great temperament.

Never Give Up:

Sachin has a lot of medical injures in entire his life of cricket. Major injuries in tennis elbow, few people think it’s an end of sachin’s cricket. But he never stops and never gives up on his cricket.

Unsuccessful people are easily give up when situation is tough, but successful people like Sachin Tendulkar are never give up on his game.

The main reason why people give up? Because of lack of passion and desire.

Sachin has only one passion called cricket. And he lives his passion daily.

So, never give up on your dreams, on your passion and on your desire…

Hard work:

I love hard work, and I love hard work as a subject. There is no word in real life like smart work; smart work word is discovered by people who are manipulative in nature.

If you like to be successful in life, become hard worker and stay hard worker.

Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Warren Buffet all are hard worker they work hard daily, their way of hard work might be different but all are hard worker. Warren Buffet might read a lot in a day, which is hard work, reading is not easy it’s very hard and not smart work.

Amitabh Bachchan works eight to ten hours a day, Sachin Tendulkar practice six to eight hours a day.

I will prove that successful people are hard worker not smart worker.

In last………..

“Successful people or great people are normal human being, just like you but they are separate from normal people because of their qualities and skills” sachin is a great example of these words

What people say about Sachin Tendulkar?

“God has made him play cricket. He has been doing that for the past 21 years and will be there a few more years to come” MS Dhoni

“For me he’s a professor in batting. He’s very streetwise in terms of the way he goes about his business” Gary Kirsten


“If I’ve to bowl to Sachin, I’ll bowl with my helmet on. He hits the ball so hard” Dennis Lillee

“The only batsman I would love to see by paying for the tickets and sitting in the stand just to watch him is none other than Sachin Tendulkar”  Brian Lara

“I would say he’s 99.5 percent perfect” Viv Richards

“I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India” Matthew Hayden

Learn every day!

To Your Success,

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Harish S. Kawalkar

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