Let’s change the Rule

Lets change the rule..Yes! Let’s change the rule. It’s feeling like out of comfort, but dare to change the rule, which you have imposed on yourself. Don’t try to change the government rule or income tax rule, those are not your part, lets government do that.

From several years I find some people, living same as they live ten years back, what I am trying to tell you? Change the way you go to office, change the way you behave with other people, change the way you do your business, change the way you sell your product, change the books you are reading, change the people around you.

So, these are the lot of changes, so how you will do that?

It’s easy to do the change. Just take the new way to go to your office. If you are taking new way, you will feel definitely better than the old way.

Reading will change your thinking, ultimately you will have better life, just does one thing change your newspaper, and you will have better result.

I insist you have to change little bit, don’t change drastically, I promise you, you will have better life, than you are having right now.

Why Change?


Who you are? I will tell you, you are the product of your surroundings, your reading, your family teachings, and your group. That ultimately becomes your permanent beliefs.

If you are ready to change the rule, you will get the result, which nobody gets in life, why? because your beliefs changes. Small rule changes leads to change in your beliefs. So change!

Small change leads to big things:

Take small steps, do small changes in your life, only small changes leads to bigger result. You don’t have any negative impact if you change the rule. Remember only little things results in life. Read one book on those subjects which you don’t have any knowledge after complete reading you will become better person, people said, why we read outside our subject? Remember if you will not updating your knowledge you will not compete in the world. Reading will give you competitive advantage, you must have the knowledge of different subject at least must have basic knowledge. When I was sixteen years old I read book written by Orison Swett Marden, I was traveling in train, I read complete book at the time of traveling, I don’t need to read it again, but the benefits I am getting till date.

So don’t hesitate to do small changes in life. Only small leads to big.

It’s permanent

Change is permanent, nothing is permanent except change, so why don’t change. Change is for good, change will give you the edge, you will compete more, and you will have better financial conditions.

People stuck in their life. You must change, remember everybody is changing, business houses change their products, services, brands, and advertising and ultimately they get success.

So, if you want more success you must change yourself.


Change is healthy for improvement, science, technology, art, world everything is changing, and if you oppose to change yourself you will not improving yourself.

Business change their product, services for better improvement. You will change for the new development in your life, if you are staying where you are today, you will get the same results as you are getting every day.

Learn new things:

When you start changing rules of your life, you are learning new things, and when you learn new things you will adapt those things, and you will get new results in life.

If you are not changing you are not learning. One of my friend don’t know how to become successful reporter to daily news paper, he join as a junior reporter, after he gets knowledge, improving himself, and adapt change, right now he is a successful, award-winning reporter. But if he was resists adapting the change that time he will not become successful in his career.

If you are ready to change the rule, you will criticize by people around you, if you handle the criticism you will definitely admired by people and you will capable of writing new rules of life.


Change and compromise are two different things, change is for betterment, improvement and compromise is for manipulation.

Remember; don’t compromise on your values and ethics in life.


Change the rule of your life!

 To Your Change!

 Sign Final Harish



Harish S Kawalkar


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