Key Skill of Successful People (TIME Investing)

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Key Skill of Successful People(TIME Investing)

The one thing is common with successful and unsuccessful
people. How they invest? Determine the success rate. Guess which thing…

1) Time
“Don’t work with time, work on your TIME”

In this edition of “Success Letter” We will learn how to invest your time.

TIME investing is different from time management; time management is a method of how you manage your time? But in TIME investing you will understand how to invest your TIME to become more successful in your life.

Because investing your time is like investing your money. Time is more precious than money, money you can earn but time passes you cannot earn back.
So investing your time is key skill of successful people, How you spend your time is important to become successful.

Setting priorities is key point in time investing, you have ten things to do but you have to priorities the things, depend upon the value of those things. Writing down your priorities is great things to do. Set priorities in importance to you. Set priorities make plan and achieve your priorities in definite time. People have their priorities but they don’t have planned to achieve or work on their priorities.
Setting and achieving priorities in specific time is first key skill in investing TIME.

Do one thing at a TIME:
Do one thing at a time, don’t do lot of things at same time. If you do one thing at a time you will achieve those things productively and effectively.
Don’t multitask yourself with lot of things. If you are a multitask person, you will lose your productivity and effectiveness of all the things. Do one thing at a Time. Concentrate on one thing, and achieve it. Doing one thing at a time is second key skill in investing TIME.

Time Management:
Time management is a part of TIME investing. If you want to be a great time manage person you must have your to do list. And you have to work on the list. Lot of unsuccessful people doesn’t know what to do? So having to do list is a first and important tool in time management. Working with time is time management, but if you know how to work on
time? Is a key of TIME investing Time management is third key skill in investing TIME.

Time Vs Return:
Calculate each time you invest your time how much return you get? Don’t gamble for return. Investing time carefully for exact return you think, will lead you to a great success in life. Don’t invest your time in no return things, like chatting, entertainment, fake news… Investing your time for return is a great
tool to become successful. So next onwards look for return when investing your precious TIME.
Calculating Time Vs Return is fourth key skill in investing TIME.

Invest in relationship:
Invest your time in relationship. Great successful people have their relation with great people; they don’t have relation with time-wasting people. They always have their friend circle from different background. And they invest their time in building relationship with those people. Don’t mix Time Vs Return, in relationship, because relationship is
different things than return. Investing in relationship is fifth key skill of TIME investing.

Invest in yourself:
I love this skill, in TIME investing; because there is a major scope of improving yourself each time. Great successful people have habit of investing their time in improving their key skill. Always look for opportunity to invest in you. Read lot of books, because books never lie. If you read books for one
year you will become different person next year.
Investing in you is sixth and important key skill of TIME investing. I will say it’s a heart of TIME investing

all above key skill in TIME investing, is a huge and big study, we will learn in coming Success Letter all the skill very deeply.

Best of luck! For your TIME Investing.

To Your Success,

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar

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