Investment in Success

investment in success

Your success is directly proportional to your hard work; nobody becomes lucky in the world without doing hard work. Hard work is the key to success. If you are willing to do the hard work, and you are applying all your effort in doing hard work, more people will help you in doing your work.

Successful people love hard worker people, there is no shortcut to become successful, and it’s a gradual process, you must have to invest your time and energy, which will ultimately become your investment in success.

The major investment you can do right now is hard work, nothing is replaced by hard work, and people say smart work. Every successful person is not a smart worker, first they are hard worker they work more than   hrs a day, then they do smart work, people only find the other side of the coin, but you must see both the sides, nothing is replaced or match with hard work.

It’s your first investment in your success, whatever you are doing, do it with full dedication, and work one hour extra, practice this method for one week, you will surprise at the end of the month, how successful you are, and it’s your investment for the future success.

Next month onwards try to push hard yourself in work, start one hour early and one hour late at work, you can’t imagine how successful you will become in just two months. Try to do it first, and then think, otherwise our whole time is dedicated to thinking only,

“Remember success is not the result of thinking, it’s a result of your dedicated hard work in right direction”

Hard Work in Right Direction:

Just putting extra two hour each day does not guarantees your success, it’s a long period of hard work, it’s a long term investment, and you must be in a single direction with pre defined goal.

Lot of people work hard but not yield results, why because lack of direction and lack of goal. Nothing works until you work on your direction. Wrong direction is bad, and it’s a sure way to failure, so choosing your direction is important.

Decide your direction and work hard on high value task. Don’t bother about the low value task and urgent task. Successful people singe mindedly focus and work on high value task and important task.

There is a difference between important task and urgent task, important task might be urgent, but not all urgent task might important.

Important task is major part in your success. High value task and important task only help you in achieving your goal. Hard work will fuel your process, it’s an investment.

Try to look it as a long term investment. Lucky people might have success but not sustainable over long term. But your hard work guarantees your long term sustainable success.

Hard work in success:

The more hard you work, the more opportunities you createfor yourself, and open new doors. You will attract more successful people and resources in your life. Your dedicated hard work creates the force by fuelling yourself with more energy and you will achieve your goal very fast.

Average work Vs Hard Work:

You will become average if you are doing average work, find what average people are doing, how much time they are working, try to add two extra hour in our daily activity, you will amaze after getting results.

Hard work is not everybody game, its require passion, burning desire, dedication, preparation, and discipline.

You can’t become successful in one or two days, it’s a game of discipline, you must be disciplined in your life. Self-discipline is a major key in success.

Remember, hard work will increase your productivity, your productivity increases your value, and your value ultimately decides your success.

To Your Hard Work!

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Harish S Kawalkar

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