How to deal with fear of failure

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How to deal with fear of failure

If you fail in particular project, to whom you blame? If you blame circumstances, people, destiny and situation you will never succeed. And take responsibility on yourself, and change yourself. I guarantee you, you will be successful.

Don’t be afraid at all. Love your failure; it’s very hard but rewarding because nobody wants failure and loving your failure, it’s impossible.

First understand why people fail?

People fail because they not work on their plan or they take wrong actions that lead to failure. You have two choices change your plan or change your action.

Plan how other successful people plan and take those actions that other successful people take. You will be successful as well. You have to analyse why you fail? Look each and every step as an improvement area for you.

Autosuggestion :

Autosuggest your mind each and every time you are going to be successful. Suggest every time “I love my failure” if you suggest this you will focus on your action rather than your success or failure. But remember while suggesting, if you fail, you change your plan and action.

Remember your success:

Remember your past success, when you fail. Remembering your past success, get motivated you to take action. When you fill your mind with your past success, you will get new idea, and you will do things differently.

Reverse Engineer:

I read this term when I was 15 years old. Reverse engineering used lot of times, when you don’t know how to do, to get end result. If you don’t know how to manufacture car, you will buy a car from your competitor, you will open each and every part of that car, and you will design the same part by modifying by your own comfort.

If you fail, you have your end result as a failure. So find why you fail? Note down the point and take different action that you do previously.

Reverse engineering your plan and your action will definitely get success in your life. 

More Failure More Success:

Have you know the secret of great successful people? They fail more times than you. And when they fail, they improve, they change plan they change action and get different result. Who is your idle? Think about your idle and think how many times he fails?

Why Sachin Tendulkar successes more than any other cricketer? Because he fail more times than other cricketer. When he fails he improves, because he changes his plan and action.

On Growth Path:

Remember if you fail you are on growth path, failure is not end result if you take action again and again. Action leads to result if you take action you will definitely get result. So don’t hastiest to take action and love your failure.

 Failure is not permanent thing:

Failure is not permanent. So try new things. Don’t remember your past failure.

Learn from Failure:

I personally love learning, and if learning from failure I learn passionately. Your failure is your great asset if you learn from that failure. You will capitalize on your failure if you learn something new every time you will fail.

People get more success because they fail more times and learn more than normal people.

Learning is a great skill of successful people.

So if you want to be successful, you will have to fail more times, and learn new every time.

Fear of failure leads to inaction. So love your failure.

Best of luck! Love your failure.

To Your Success,

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar

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