Fear of Rejection

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Fear of Rejection

When you have rejected last time? If you remember you are on the success path. If you are not rejected from last 30 days you are going to fail. Want to know just read it.

You might be rejected from your client, friend, society, relative, and family.

If you have meeting with your client and your deal is rejected. Don’t bother about the rejection say thank you and ask for the next opportunity. If you are closing your discussion, without asking next opportunity you are on the way of permanently losing your client.

If you have the fear of rejection in your mind, you are definitely going to lose the opportunity. Don’t fear about rejection.

So, how to overcome the fear of rejection?

Just Do It:

I call this concept called “J.D.I” (Just Do It). Every fear is just a state of mind. Don’t pay attention toward the fear. Any kind of fear, you can overcome by this method by just doing it. Because rejection is an end result, you might be accepted or rejected. So don’t worry, work on your plan and keep on doing. Successful people have a doing habit, they are not worry about the end result.

Construct Your Thoughts:

Fear is just a state of mind. If you fill your mind with motivational and great thoughts, your mind will change over the period of times, and you will lose the fear of rejection. Your thoughts are very important in overall success of the person. Successful people are great thinkers. Always say to yourself

“I might be accepted or rejected, but I want to do it passionately” if you say it over and over your fear automatically disappear.


Successful people are passionate about their work. If you have passion of doing things, that energy automatically transfers into your action, and your action determines your success. So be passionate about your work, client, friends, family and relatives.

By doing all above three things will help you to overcome the fear of rejection, but if are rejected what to do?


More Rejection More Success:

If you got more rejection you are going to be more successful. I have a target of one rejection per day; I am not worry at all about rejection.

Remember the story of Abraham Lincoln; born into poverty, defeated all his life, he lost eight elections, failed two times in business. Losing eight elections is not easy; I discover the secret behind the successful people is that, they are rejected many times in their life.

So fear is secondary, if you got rejected always remember more rejection more success. It’s a formula of success.

Best of luck!

To Your Success,

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar

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  • Dr.pravinkumar bhople

    meaning is that “all the negative thoughts arises due to the fear” so correct your things into passion. i like your superb value thought harishbhau….tumacha mitra pravin bhople just call pavya

  • Jaydev Sen

    After reading this statement. It indicates that failure is the path of success