Fear of Criticism

Fear Of CriticismCriticism or critics are common with everybody, but successful people deal criticism with different way.

In today’s success letter, we will focus on how to deal with criticism? And fear of criticism.

A common problem with people and everybody in life is fear of criticism. It’s in mind, what people think about you? And what people said about you?

Fear of criticism is dangerous. If you are in the fear of criticism you are unable to take action, you become inactive, and inactivity is a way towards failure. Successful people are always active and they take action every time.

don’t worry and don’t give unnecessary importance to others criticism

How to overcome?

1) Temporary:
All criticism is temporary, it’s not permanent, and it has limited impact on you. Don’t give unnecessary importance to criticism.

2) Unstable:
All criticism is unstable, it is always changing every time, and you cannot justify the criticism every time.

3) Point of view:
Criticism is only the point of view. Might be your point of view is positive or negative. You must look at both the ends. Why somebody criticizing you, there might be reason, you must find the hidden agenda of criticism, if you find that you are doing good work. If that hidden agenda is useful for you, then you can work on it otherwise leave it? So, always remember criticism is only the point of view.

4) You know the best for yourself:
whatever you are doing, it is best for you, nobody judges you better than yourself. So you will do best for you, and best happens to you. Other people who are criticizing you they might be right up to some extent, but they don’t know the potential within you. You are the best judge for yourself. And if you are practicing this method then you are already on the way of success.

5) Don’t answer or react on everything:
Whatever people said about you or whatever might be criticism about you, don’t answer at all. There is no necessity to answer or react on every criticism. But people not understand the simple thing in life.

6) Separate your ego and criticism:

Criticism is always hurt your ego, ego is a weak point of every person. Your ego is not everything to the world, and if you take every criticism personally then it always hurt your ego.

Constructive criticism makes you strong, you must have few people in life, to give you constructive criticism, and it has helped you in many ways. Don’t take personally, but you must have some selected people to give you constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism are positive, it make you believe in your abilities, never give up on others criticism.


It’s your life, live it by your own way.

Without criticism you will never succeed in life.

Never give up on criticism.


To Your Constructive Criticism

Sign Final Harish





Harish S Kawalkar
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