Effort Harish KawalkarEffort, there is no substitute to hard work, how hard you work? What great effort you take? Everything is depending upon the effort you take for completion of your task. The harder you take effort, the easier life you live. Every successful sportsperson, runner, businessman, is a result of daily tiny effort which leads to great success.

Hard work is the result of, your passion and desire to work on your dream. Nothing is beautiful than the work on your dream. If you develop the reputation of hard work, more people will help you, because you help yourself first.

Every hour count in your effort, if you work one hour extra every day, you are far ahead of the competition and you are better prepared. You are unbeatable. Everybody wants success, but nobody wants to take extra effort, success is not easy to achieve, it required great extra effort every day.

Every hard work with clear direction and single minded focus on your goal yields extraordinary results, which ultimately brings you the great success.

You must ask yourself, what I am trying to do. Am I working on my goals and plans? Work on high value task; don’t waste time on low value task. The difference between success and failure is successful people work on high value task whereas failure people work on low value task.

No luck, no substitute, for hard work, the harder you work, the successful you become. Your hard work will open new doors of opportunity. Your commitment and dedication to hard work creates a force which gives you long term sustainable success.

To become more successful than ordinary people, you must work hard compare to other people.

When you work, work all the time, don’t waste your time in ordinary things, work hard on your personal development; work hard on your dreams because every minute counts, time is going you have to work with time.

The extra effort and hard work are few people to do, so you have very low competition. If you want extraordinary success, then do and work hard as extraordinary people do.

It’s your decision, your life and your success, the price is your dedicated hard work on high value things.

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To Your Success!

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