What Works In Investing, The Secrets Of Legendry Investors

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A lot of investor has a dilemma, of what really produces an excellent result to their Investment?

It’s not an easy task, few say Value investing works, and few say Technical, Growth, Momentum, and all other stuff works.

A few days back I met investors, one of the investors has a problem, how to calculate ratios, how to find a great business to invest in, How to find MOAT?

Investors change their investing style, from technical to value, growth to momentum, and vice versa.

A lot of things happening in investors mind, it’s not easy to stick one particular approach, they fly from one place to another place, jump from one stock to another stock,

It’s complicated, not easy at all,

A lot of questions, the big question arises what really works in Investing?

Presenting: What Works In Investing, The Secrets Of Legendary Investors

 (Special E-Book)

You will find the answer in this E-Book, What really works in Investing, The Secret of Legendary Investors.


After reading this e-book, you would know –


  • No access to useful information, diversified portfolio of as much as 100 stocks, How he generates Great Returns around 23104% return in 28 Years, Annual CAGR was 21.3% (Page No 9 to 12)
  • Having a background in Chemistry, compounded 20.0% annually, and the overall return was 1661.2% in around 15 years. (Page No 13)
  • Graham formula to calculate pure bargain (Page No 15)
  • How significant decline in the stock, generates high returns (Page No 18)
  • How Warren Buffett analyze the financial statement for valuation purpose (Page No 20)
  • How strong balance sheet analysis generates high return? (Page No 22)
  • The men with a Law Background having a concentrated portfolio, volatility was 33% and generates an overall portfolio return 19.8% CAGR. (Page No 24)
  • No Business education works as a salesman, in 18 years he generates 22200% overall return (Page No 25)
  • Liberal art background investor works in advertising agency generates CAGR of 23% (Page No 27)


You can find the secrets of Legendary investors in this E-Books, The approach is simple.

The E-book contains a formula for valuations and real-life examples of stocks, but these are not buying or selling recommendations.

Don’t waste your time…!!!!!

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For writing and compiling this E-Book required hard effort, we have put a small price to it Rs 499

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