What Defines You? – Your Habits


Have you ever imagined, what defines you, in your life? The habits are the hidden force which accelerates your life. Your repetitions of thoughts create habits.

In your life if you observe carefully, your habits shapes your life. The results are not visible in short term; it’s clearly visible in long term. Let’s see the example if you have a habit of reading, from your schooling days, you are far ahead in life in terms of your thinking, friends, finance and finally you are more peaceful and matured.

The most important things about habit are, if you adapt the particular habit in yourself, it will not leave you easily, but adapting is most critical and hard.

If you want to give a gift, to your children, then give them a good habit practice, which will remain with your child for life time, in bad as well as good times. So it’s most important part of your child’s life. Formal education can bring the results which every child is getting, but good habits are the treasure one.

If you have bad habits, the result is negative and you will have to pay the price.

How to form a habit ?

Set a goal: Set a goal, in which area you want to improve, with specific dates and measure, be tough on yourself. No matter how difficult it is.

Start small: After setting a goal, let’s start with the small things, if you know how small become big over the time, you will definitely start small. Everybody starts small at first step, and then it becomes big. Start small

Find Difficulties: find difficulties, which are arising when you are forming habits, and works on it, difficulties are the part of game. Be solution oriented in life.

Repeat the pattern: Repeat the pattern over and over again; it might take 6-7 days to form a habit.


There are lots of good habits in life, but I recommend only one habit that is Reading.

I love reading, and if you have a reading as a habit you are far ahead in life.

If not, then take a small example, which news paper you are reading,that determine your thoughts. If you change your news paper at least for three months you will definitely have different opinion. At least start financial news paper, you will have different approach towards your finances.

News paper is not the last thing, but it can start your new journey with small change in your life.

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits”. — Brian Tracy

To Your Success with Lot of Love!

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