Conquer Your Fears

Conquer your fearsFear is an emotion, this emotion works everywhere, all advertisement has an emotion in it, and fear is an emotion that everybody has in life, Insurance companies, beauty product, banks, home loan, each and every company have emotions in advertisement and most of them use fear, because it’s easy to influence you, and it’s a negative emotion, which have a greater impact on you.

In closing of sales, fear always used, I am working in sales from lot of time. People will not buy the benefits of the product, they buy the solutions to their fear, and it’s a negative emotion.

Feel that, you have all the things in life, but if you have fear, you will not enjoy in life and you find something lacking in life. Fear holds you back. I list few fears, those are general, but people have specific fears.


  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of loss of love
  • Fear of poor health
  • Fear of money
  • Fear of death

Which one you have, I don’t know,

But today’s letter will definitely help you.

But everybody has some fears. Let’s accept and move forward.Everybody has fears in life. I have some fear, nothing wrong to accept it. If you are unable to accept it, you will not conquer it.

I try some new technique to conquer fear, I work it on me, and I am happy to tell you, I have eliminated some fears. Let’s find it will definitely work in your case.

Be Crazy:

Be crazy in life, while doing something good, and find what kind of fear you have? If you get the answer then be crazy to do that, at least do it once a day. Whatever might be your fear, let’s conquer and do, don’t think, you’re thinking not works in your fear.

If you have a fear of poor health, just go and do ten push up right now! Don’t hesitate, don’t time it, because it might be not a right time to do push ups, that’s the beauty, you are crazy now. Just do it. How you feel? You feel awesome.

If you have fear of rejection, with your client, call him and try to have appointment today, and he might reject you, don’t worry. Feel and enjoy the whole process. Be crazy to do and eliminate fear. Enjoying rejection is a hard thing, but you are crazy now!

Falling while trying:

Fear of failure. Yes I love it.

You will not fall, until you try. So you are the person who has courage to try. Lot of people not try to do things, because of fears they have in mind.

Your fear might stop you from trying. Try and fail you will become successful.


You are not the one, who fails,

You are not the one who criticize,

You are not the one who reject,

You are not the one who has love breakups.

You are not the one who has poor health

You are not the one who has money problems.

You are not the one who will alive forever.

Every great success story, every successful person once a failure, criticize, rejected many times, have money problems, so you are not the only one, then why you have fear, let’s enjoy each and every moment in life.

Don’t think:

Thinking leads to build fears, remember you are born fearless, but your own thinking nourished fear in your mind. Don’t over depend upon thinking when you are dealing with fears. Because your own thinking always on the side of negative emotions.

Deal with Information:

Lot of information also causes to build fears, I will give you example, and few days back there was a rumour of “End of World” which has a lot of coverage in NEWS. In today only few channels have credibility of news, otherwise all channels produce informative product, those are not the NEWS at all. They have the business to feel your mind with full of information, and if the information is related to fear, it has long term impact on viewers.

Try to build a habit of doing things rather than creating views on information,

Remember, information leads to create views, and your views build your thinking, so be aware of feeding information to your brain. The best thing is to read books on those subjects, which is close to your heart rather than finding information on Google.

Information has a role in building fears so carefully select the information.

You are born fearless, and you are not the one who has fears, everybody has it, but you have to deal with it successful.

Till then don’t be afraid to fight with fears, it’s not over until you win!

To Your Success!

Sign Final Harish




Harish S Kawalkar


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