Compensation Final QuoteWhatever you are getting today, you are fully compensated, might be positive or negative. If good happens to you, then you have done something good previously or vice a verse.

In the real world everything is compensated, whatever it might be. It is just like sawing and reaping. What kind of seeds you saw today, only those you can reap tomorrow. You can’t reap different products which you can’t saw.

It is just like, if you pay the price of exercise daily, make it routine, you work hard on yourself, then and only then you can have a better, healthy body. In this case you pay the whole price in advance, but ultimately you reap the benefits.

The world gives you the full justice to price you paid. Might be immediate or late, but you are fully compensated.

The more you give, the more you receive, if you want to increase the quality and quantity of your rewards, you must increase the quality and quantity of your contribution and you must be ready to pay the price. The more prices you pay the more rewards you get.

In real world only rewards to be accepted but no one can ready to pay the price. People want rewards but not ready to pay the price.

In business, business houses are always ready to improve the quality and value of their products.


Decide what you want, and determine the price you want to pay, and then start to pay the price from today onward.

Whatever you want in future, pay the price today, make a full payment or make it in installments. If you want a good relation pay some time to have a good relation sacrifice your time. If you want a quality and good customer make them valuable by offering them quality products.


Till then, Take Care!

To Your Success!

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Harish S Kawalkar

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