As I am reading the wonderful book Winning The Loser’s Game by Chares D Ellis, it’s a great read, Charles wrote many books, but this book I Enjoyed lot, simple, deep insights, and practical. Before further reading… If you don’t like to read post… Better to Enjoy the presentation Click Here…!!!!! Special presentation – Read More →

Dear Reader,   In today’s post. We discuss about the Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company. In which Buffett bought substantial stake, and how he turnaround the company? Its a dramatic story… Must read.. understand and learn from it….!!!! Click on the image below   Dempster Mill Example Explains   To Your Success with Lot of Love! Read More →

As I reading awesome book of Brian Tracy “Change your thinking, change your life” as I am a big fan and admirer of Brian Tracy, He is a writer, Speaker and Self development mentor. This book can give you a platform, for your life, its important and enjoyable reading. Who are you? You are not, Read More →

Writing on 1961 performance, Buffett write “We will do relatively well compared to the general market in down or static markets, but that we may not look so good in advancing markets. In strongly advancing markets I expect to have real difficulty keeping up with the general market.” Buffet performance is good till date, and Read More →