In the first half of 1964 DOW advance from 762.95 to 831.50, dividends of 14.40 including the overall return from Dow was +10% Overall Performance Year Overall Results from Dow (1) Partnership Results (2) Limited Partners Results (3) 1957 -8.40% 10.40% 9.30% 1958 38.50% 40.90% 32.20% 1959 20.00% 25.90% 20.90% 1960 -6.20% 22.80% 18.60% 1961 22.40% 45.90% 35.90% 1962 -7.60%

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TEXAS NATIONAL PETROLEUM Read it Step by Step Download PDF …! Step 1 It’s a Workout These are securities whose financial results depend on corporate action rather than supply and demand factors created by buyers and sellers of securities. In other words, they are securities with a timetable where we can predict, within reasonable error limits, when we will get

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What Is Investing

“An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.” Benjamin Graham (Security Analysis) So, this is the most important definition of what is investing? I took this definition from Warren Buffett guru, Benjamin Graham. It’s the most profound and excellent definition of Investing. It talks

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Myopic Loss Aversion

Welcome……!!!!! To the special Video Presentation on, Myopic Loss Aversion.  (Click for Video) And why it is Important To Understand For Investors? You Might be familiar with the Loss Aversion Concept.. but it’s much more important than any other concept… I came to know about this concept while reading Michael J. Mauboussin article on Decision-Making for Investors Theory, Practice, and

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Winning the loser’s game

Winning the loser's game

As I am reading the wonderful book Winning The Loser’s Game by Chares D Ellis, it’s a great read, Charles wrote many books, but this book I Enjoyed lot, simple, deep insights, and practical. Before further reading… If you don’t like to read post… Better to Enjoy the presentation Click Here…!!!!! Special presentation – Winning the losers game   Let’s

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Case Study Dempster Mill Manafacturing Company

Dear Reader,   In today’s post. We discuss about the Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company. In which Buffett bought substantial stake, and how he turnaround the company? Its a dramatic story… Must read.. understand and learn from it….!!!! Click on the image below   Dempster Mill Example Explains   To Your Success with Lot of Love!   Harish S Kawalkar PS:

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Warren Buffett Partnership Letter 10 July 1963 & 6 November 1963 Review

During first half of 1963, Dow delivered plus 10% return including dividends. Buffett views the short term performance (less than three years) have no meaning, because he has control position, that’s the reason the Buffett performance is better in declining market. Buffett performance excluding Dempster Mill was plus 14% At plus 14% versus plus 10% for the Dow, this six

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Howard Marks Memo 1992 Microeconomics 101 Supply, Demand and Convertibles Review

As in this memo, Howard writes about the supply, demand and convertibles. Two principal factors determine the success of any investment; 1) Intrinsic Quality: Intrinsic quality of underlying business, how good the business is? Its better to invest in good companies than bad one, ceteris paribus. [Ceteris paribus is a favourite term of economists. It means “everything else being equal,”

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Warren Buffett Partnership Letter 18 January 1963 Review

Warren Buffett Partnership Letter

Buffett knows that his letters are long, and partner had difficulty to read entire letters, so he point out few points, he called it’s a “Ground Rules” Following are the ground rules, please go through it, and the message behind the rules never change, like rule no 1 says no returns are guaranteed to partner, it’s not for partner alone,

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Howard Marks Memo 1990 The Route to Performance – Review

In Intelligent Investor, one of the great book ever written on value investing by Benjamin Graham, The preface written by Warren Buffett, in that preface Buffett says “To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep

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