TEXAS NATIONAL PETROLEUM Read it Step by Step Download PDF …! Step 1 It’s a Workout These are securities whose financial results depend on corporate action rather than supply and demand factors created by buyers and sellers of securities. In other words, they are securities with a timetable where we can predict, within reasonable error Read More →

  “An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.” Benjamin Graham (Security Analysis) So, this is the most important definition of what is investing? I took this definition from Warren Buffett guru, Benjamin Graham. It’s the most profound and Read More →

  As I am reading the wonderful book Winning The Loser’s Game by Chares D Ellis, it’s a great read, Charles wrote many books, but this book I Enjoyed lot, simple, deep insights, and practical. Before further reading… If you don’t like to read post… Better to Enjoy the presentation Click Here…!!!!! Special presentation – Read More →

As I reading awesome book of Brian Tracy “Change your thinking, change your life” as I am a big fan and admirer of Brian Tracy, He is a writer, Speaker and Self development mentor. This book can give you a platform, for your life, its important and enjoyable reading. Who are you? You are not, Read More →

Writing on 1961 performance, Buffett write “We will do relatively well compared to the general market in down or static markets, but that we may not look so good in advancing markets. In strongly advancing markets I expect to have real difficulty keeping up with the general market.” Buffet performance is good till date, and Read More →

From July 1961 Buffett start writing more than one letter for each year, As partners commented that once a year letter was “a long time between drinks” as per Buffett It is not difficult to find something to say twice a year, In first half of 1961 Dow gain was 13% Including dividend, while BPL Read More →

In 1967 Letter to partners Buffett explained the great points, in today’s equity analysis world, people divided in two groups qualitative and quantitative analysis, but Buffett suggest something different, let’s look what he said…… The evaluation of securities and businesses for investment purposes has always involved a mixture of qualitative and quantitative factors. At the Read More →

Warren Buffett start this letter with general market commentary on 1959 and 1960. As in 1960 the Industrial Average declined from 679 to 616 or 9.3% if dividend calculated the loss will be 6.3%, as per the Buffett guess the 90% of companies outperform the Industrial average. While on New York stock exchange 653 stocks Read More →