From July 1961 Buffett start writing more than one letter for each year, As partners commented that once a year letter was “a long time between drinks” as per Buffett It is not difficult to find something to say twice a year, In first half of 1961 Dow gain was 13% Including dividend, while BPL Read More →

In 1967 Letter to partners Buffett explained the great points, in today’s equity analysis world, people divided in two groups qualitative and quantitative analysis, but Buffett suggest something different, let’s look what he said…… The evaluation of securities and businesses for investment purposes has always involved a mixture of qualitative and quantitative factors. At the Read More →

Warren Buffett start this letter with general market commentary on 1959 and 1960. As in 1960 the Industrial Average declined from 679 to 616 or 9.3% if dividend calculated the loss will be 6.3%, as per the Buffett guess the 90% of companies outperform the Industrial average. While on New York stock exchange 653 stocks Read More →

  Warren Buffett start this letter with general market commentary and advance decline ratios of stock. Most of the investment group like Tri-Continental corp. had a difficult time in comparison with the Industrial Average. “Most of you know I have been very apprehensive about general stock market levels for several years. To date, this caution Read More →

In Indian stock market, everyone wants to make money, not Indian specifically, everyone in equity market across the world, would like to make money, but the real question is, are people making money? I think yes, Few days back one of my friends had discussed with me, he is buying stocks because, there are bonus Read More →

Few days back I have a discussion with one of my dear friend, Prasad, I always admire him for his rational advice. We are friend from college days, and we have regular discussion on various topic. One day he give me a call and discuss about stock market investing, after discussion I came to know, Read More →

There is no secret formula for success, but there are different principles for different peoples, but there are common principles you can easily find in successful peoples. All people are same, but those who are passionate and have burning desire to apply success principles are becoming more and more success in life. There is no Read More →

    Everybody is having financial problems or not having enough money to enjoy. There are lots of miss understanding behind the successful financial life. those are having regular income or salary do not think much about the finances, but remember in life your income will not remain constant, and the inflation will eat your Read More →

Have you ever imagined, what defines you, in your life? The habits are the hidden force which accelerates your life. Your repetitions of thoughts create habits. In your life if you observe carefully, your habits shapes your life. The results are not visible in short term; it’s clearly visible in long term. Let’s see the Read More →