9 Steps of Achieving Anything

9 Steps of Achieving Anything


Everything in the world is totally depending upon fundamentals. Achievement or success has its own fundamentals it’s easy to know the fundamentals, but execution of fundamentals are very important. Your success is totally depending upon the execution. You can achieve anything, if you follow these fundamentals in life, these are…….


Your burning desire is your power to become successful. Your will power of achieving something decides your success.
If you have burning desire of achievement, then your mind is all ready prepared, and your thought process, is ready to do the work.
If you have a burning desire of your goal, the law of attraction works. You can achieve anything in the world if you have a burning desire.
Your skills and knowledge are secondary, if you have burning desire because, from your desire you can learn new knowledge and skills those are necessary to achieve your goal, but you cannot learn or adapt burning desire from your skills and knowledge.

Your decision is first step to your success. Decide what you want, decide on your goal, decide on your plan. Make decision at any cost.
You are not accomplishing anything if you are not made any decision.
Lot of people is not take decision, on what they want in life. If you are deciding to fail you are going to be failed. Take decision on what you want, and then convince yourself first, convince your mind, convince your thought. If you fail to convince yourself you are not able to convince the world.
Taking decision is important task in your success. People make a lot of excuses while taking decision; you must have to work on your plan without making any excuses.
Every decision is tough, but you have to make it for your success. Great leaders are good decision maker; they decide exactly what they want. Develop a skill on decision-making. Your whole success and failure depend upon your own decision-making.
So, decide and take decision every time in life.

Performance is very important in life. Everything is depending upon your performance. Lot of people knows how to play cricket, but they fail to perform at ground. So knowing about anything is not enough your performance is very important.
You have to develop necessary skill and ability to perform at your best.
You must have a blue print of your plan, but performance or your action depends upon you. You are the key to your plan and your performance count. You are the master-key to your success.
Successful people improve their performance every time, when they got chance to perform. You have to improve your performance and you have to analyse your performance every time. You can find best example of performance in sports and in real life also.

There is no remedy like laughing, if you laugh a lot you are decreasing your stress. Stress is a big enemy of today’s lifestyle. No matter how happy you are, but stress happen when you are working on your plan. Laughing is the only free remedy on your stress.
Learn to laugh on yourself first. If you laugh on yourself you are eliminating the fear. Laughing is very good in fear; fear is the negative emotion, like fear of failure, fear of social life. If you know laughing you are making victory on fear. Laughing is the sure solution on all negative emotions. You must start a day in morning with laughing, laughing makes you happy, and people likes happy people, if you are depress and unhappy, nobody likes to talk with you, so laugh every day, and try to make everybody laugh. If you are happy and have positive energy around you, you can achieve anything faster than you ever imagine. Let’s try this step for seven-day you will get awesome results.

Don’t fear
Don’t be fearful in life. Fear is not exists in real life, it’s only in your mind. Fear is negative emotion, and fear can hold you back.
Fear is the insecurity about something. Successful people are ready to fail, and it’s a normal process, if you try anything new you are going to fail, there is nothing worry about it, and don’t make a failure as a fear. Remember you can use fear in a positive way, if you are not work on your plan you are going to fail. Failure is not fear; not working on your plan is fear.
Fear exists in your mind, and it exists in your mind from when you are a growing child. Your parents are the main part in developing fear in your mind, but don’t blame anybody. Life is too short to live, live it positive way. You have to solve the problem, not make the situation complicated.
If you are having fear you are not achieve anything. You have to eliminate the fear at first step, successful people are fearless, and they don’t have any fear in their mind.
If you want to achieve great in life you have to develop fearless mind.

No Excuses
Successful people and high achievers they are not making any excuse. They are no excuse persons. Your one excuse can destroy everything. Excuses are your doubt about yourself or doubt about your plan.
Become a self-confident person in life. If you fail, you will learn life changing lessons. Failure lessons are not in books, your success is depend upon how many times you fail. So failure is the integral part of success. Don’t make excuse on possibility of failure or success. Excuses are not real; it’s like fear only exists in your mind. Your burning desire will help you in making no excuses in life.
If you like excuses don’t dream about success. Successful people and high achievers do things than making excuses. Doing things can give you different results, but excuses only results into failures.
So adapt habit of no excuses in life.

Invest in yourself:

I like it very much, if you want to do great things in life, you have to invest in yourself. You have to invest in your skills, in your abilities, but most important is invest in your knowledge.
Remember what Benjamin Franklin said

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

If you like to be successful in life, you have to invest in your knowledge. In this competitive world your knowledge will save you. Reading books is a great way to add in knowledge.

You must have a habit of improving yourself each time.

Be focus

Focus is very important in life. If you like to be successful you must focus on your goal. You must have focus on your plan. If you are focus you will achieve your goal very fast.

Successful people are very focus persons. They don’t bother about others plan.

So always focus.   

Commit to yourself:

Commit to yourself, is the final step of achieving anything in life. If you are committed and loyal towards your goal, you will achieve anything.

You must commit about your goals, plans, and finally commit yourself to excellence.

Successful people are excellence oriented.

To Your Success,

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar

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