5 steps to increase your thinking

The Success Letter

Date: 21/7/2013

I start with one small story, which has a great impact on my whole life.

In my school days I have two friends one is Gopal and second one is Vishal. Vishal is a great student always takes grade A in all exams while Gopal is average student and take grade B, in our discussion Gopal always thinks to become doctor and Vishal thinks about his family business. Other student laughs when, Vishal thinks about his family business and make a joke on when Gopal talks about becoming doctor, because he is an average student.

Now after in our thirties Gopal is MBBS MD and Visahl runs his family business. Why this happen because “they think” they want to become in their life.

Successful people are great thinkers and they always think long term.

Thinking is a result of what you read? What your parents teaches you? And what you learn from your environments? (Like friend, teacher, sister and relative)

1) Read: The successful people have habit of reading a lot of books on their related field. Reading will increase your knowledge. Knowledge will automatically leads to thinking. But developing healthy thinking you have a great tool of reading books on your field. You must read two to three books every year on your field. You have control on your reading, so read that leads to your success. Read every day.

2) Open Mind: In increasing your successful thinking power you have to keep your mind open every time. Don’t make decision on others advice. Open to learn from everybody but be calculative on taking decision.

3) Your Belief: Your beliefs measure your success because your beliefs have a major impact on your thinking. So changing your beliefs is very tough part, beliefs develop from what we learn from our parents. You believe you are already successful. When you believe and behave like successful person you are on the first step to changing your belief.

4) Separate feelings: Separate your feelings from your thinking. Feelings are the emotional part of our mind. Nature is neutral to all of you. You just separate your feelings from thinking.

5) Learn: Learn from your mistakes, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Because when you adopt habit of learning from your mistake. You become unstoppable, and you achieve your goal faster than any other things. Learn from everybody because everybody has something to learn. Open your mind for learning.

Practice these five steps every day to have healthy thinking.

Habits are created from what we do most of the time and we do because we think in that direction. So thinking is a seed of your success tree. And you have to take care of your thinking and you can develop your thinking using these five valuable steps.

Lot of people not thinks they want to become successful in their life. A successful person always thinks about their success.

To Your Success,

Sign Harish

Harish S. Kawalkar

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