5 Steps For Great Decision Making

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DecsionWho are you today? Is due to your own decision, nobody is responsible for your life; you are the only person who is responsible. Take responsibility and make decision.

Decision is everything, commitment for success, getting ready for success, learning new things for success; all are decisions, making choices, so make great decision, for coming New Year, which will change your life.

Decision making is a very important part of successful people. Without decision-making you are not going anywhere. Over the period of time you have create the ability of making great decision. It’s totally depending upon you, nobody will help you.

Your decision-making ability determine your success or failure. Decision making is not a one day process, great decision-making comes with the experience, so participate in your family as well as your own decision.

Decision leads to results. Successful people are result oriented. If you want great results in life, then you have to make great decision. Paralysis of decision-making leads to paralysis of results. So decide what type of result you are expecting, considering your expectation and results make great decision.

Decision making is not easy; you have to deal with yourself as well as you have to deal with the people related to you.

Following steps will help you to make great decision.

1)      Emotion:

Every person has its own emotion, but you have to control over your emotions. Types of emotion you have to deal with when you are making great decision.


When you are in love, you will make decisions, which are not practical. Whatever type of your love? Might be with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or with your family related decisions. You might have love with your car, you don’t want to sell, when you are getting good price. Love is poison when you are making decision. There are lots of probabilities of failure when you make decision considering your love. So avoid your love and make decision, you will make great decision.


Fear, if you are fearful of something in life. Look practically what kind of fear is? If the fear is real, discuss with your family members, and then make decision. Fears are only situated in minds. Fear is not real. It’s an emotion. While making decision, the main fear is fear of failure. Don’t be fearful of failure, you are just making decision, and only decision leads to results. If you are fearful of failure, you are going to fail in first step; you don’t need to make decision for that. So fear is not real, don’t be fearful when making decision.


Don’t make decision when you are angry. If you have strong emotions of dislike, disapproval, dissatisfaction, all are leads to irritation that’s finally leads to frustration. Due to your frustration you become angry.

Lot of family decisions is affected by angriness. Struggle in between husband and wife, both are angry and they take decision. When somebody frustrated you by the way of his thinking or his action, but you have to not become serious ad take decision which is affected by anger.

Simple, when you are angry don’t make decision.


Trust is always cost you. When you are making financial decision, trust has a lot of cost. Don’t make financial decision on others trust. If you trust somebody, you have to check his trust first. Then trust him in main decision-making.

Everybody in the world has its own agenda if he is advising you in your decision-making. You have to understand his agenda before accepting his advice.

If you have to trust, trust your mother and father lot. Your mother and father have only one hidden agenda is they are well-wisher for you, you don’t have to understand their agenda.

If you want more trustworthy people around you, you must become trustworthy first, nature is neutral, nature always give back to you, its upon you what you want back. If you want trust back you have to become trustworthy first.

Trust yourself is the key of great decision-making.

2)      Options: Consider all options before making any decision, because options are the way of your execution. And you know what kind of execution you are going to do.  So first decide on your options. I advise you on my personal experience, if you have two options one is easy and second is hard, which one you choice, I choice hard one. Because when you choice hard, you will fail a lot of times, you learn excellent lesions and you will become tougher and more ready for your new mission.

Choosing easy way will give you instant success, but you will never learn great lessons of life. Your personal story will not be complete. Without lessons there is no adventure in life.

Options will test you for your lessons.

Easy options = No learning and Hard options = Great learning

What you like, no learning or great learning, great learning will cost you more in terms of yourself discipline, your beliefs, your hard work, if you are ready to pay the price, you are going to learn great lessons of life, and you will achieve great success in life.    

3)      Choice: Don’t ask other people, what is best for you. It’s your life, and you know what is best for you, lot of people make decision on others advice and they leads to failure, might be adviser become successful, the difference is the Peoples SWOT. SWOT is important when making great decision. SWOT is different for you and it’s totally different for your friend, how will you advice or you take advice from your friend. Avoid other people advice. Make your choice, you are the capable person, make your choice and make decision.    

4)      Outcome: Don’t depend on the outcome, your outcome is your own imagination, and your own imagination is your own thinking. So don’t think lot when making decision, otherwise your valuable time passes in thinking, and you will have less time for execution. Get time on your side to work for you, you can employ time for yourself, if you know how to invest time.

Outcome is secondary, but you have to evaluate your outcome. What kind of consequences of your plan has? So you can evaluate your outcome. Don’t dream about your outcome you have to work for your desired outcome.           

5)      Evaluate your decision:  After making decision, evaluate your decision, what kind of result you will get as an effect of your decision. Evaluating the probability of outcome, will prepare you for great success.

Evaluate your decision after you make decision, if you are evaluating in first step, you will not make any decision.    

If you work on these five steps you are on the way of great decision making.

Remember, your decision will become your success or failure, so be careful when making decision.



1)      Don’t make emotional decision.

2)      Understand your emotions.

3)      Don’t trust everybody.

4)      Consider all options, when making decision.

5)      You will make great choice for yourself.

6)      Don’t work on others choices.

7)      Work for outcome.

8)      Last, evaluate your decision. 


To Your Success,

Sign Final Harish



Harish S. Kawalkar


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