3 Steps To Success

3 steps to successEvery time I talk about only success. But it is critical and required very hard work to become successful. It’s not easy. It’s tough. Failure attract criticism, might be life ending thoughts. But if you are passionate, dedicated and die hard desire to become successful at any cost, the cost might be failure. You have to pay the cost. You will become successful.

“Remember only those people reach to destination those are not quite and give up in the middle of the road, and complete the journey at any cost. It’s a journey and you have to complete it.”

So, how you do and achieve success?

I will give you the three ways. You can read and apply it in your daily life. I will promise you, you will feel and do better than you are doing right now.

Let’s start!

Step 1: Idol & Belief System.

Find an idol, a hero, real hero, in your chosen field. Remember you will succeed if you are playing on your strength. If you have a heart problem, how you can succeed in running marathon? Still you want to do then you must prepare yourself. Find a mentor and train under him, and then you can have achieved success.

I have a strong belief that, each and everyone has strength, you must apply your strength and dedicate to do with your strength. Find a mentor, idol or real hero in the chosen field.

You might be good at singing but not best, you can have best singer is your idol, and clone him throughout, with his beliefs, and thinking. And finally act on those beliefs.

I will personally give you an example. I don’t have a family background to investing in stocks, no relative to be in stock market. But I have a belief that investing in stock is a great thing to do in life. I join a basic course in stock market, which cost me Rs 900 in 2006. Then I came to know the persons who are really build wealth ethically, not compromising on integrity and have long term horizon. The person I came to know Mr. Warren Buffet. Then I decided to do read books on him, read his letter to shareholders. Watch his biography on you tubes.

I find idol for myself.

I don’t have a investing as strength but I develop it over a period of time, and I am quite successful.

Finding idol is not a final thing. Cloning, duplicating his belief system leads to success.

I know how to prepare myself before investing in specific companies. I read annual report, calculate intrinsic value, buy on margin of safety, and invest in simple business. Have patience, strong decision power, invert, and stand against the crowd.

How I know that? Because these are the beliefs of Mr. Buffet the thinking of a great investor. I don’t know about the market, but I know how to have patience.

Cloning the belief system is the core of every success. Cloning beliefs is not easy it’s tough; you have to read first, write it and then think about it. It’s dangerous to clone wrong person’s beliefs. Because cloning beliefs means you have to think and act on your beliefs.

Always chose the right idol and right beliefs.

Who will be your idol? Share in comment box.

The remaining two steps I will cover in coming success letters. Till then, take care.


To Your Success!

Sign Final Harish




Harish S Kawalkar

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