3 Steps To Success – Thinking

3 steps to success thinkingThe second step is thinking, in first step, you have to develop the belief system as your idol has. It’s important to be a master in second step. Thinking is the core of all human development. It’s a DNA of success; you must have to change your thinking first. Every success of yours, like financial success, family success, personal success, all type of success begins with changing your thinking. Thinking will change, and you are a full responsible for your own thinking, nothing can affect your thinking.

 Step 2: Thinking

Thinking is a key differentiation in successful people. How they think? And how they apply thoughts? How they take action on thoughts?

To change your thinking, or become better than already you are, you have to commit to yourself; you have to dedicate yourself.

There are six steps to become better thinker.

6 steps of good thinking

Step 1: Find good input:

Finding good input to provide a food for your brain, your input decide the quality of output you get, so find good books, magazines, which are related to enhance your thinking. The best thing to do find the books your idol suggested or the books which are written on your idol, you get good start by finding and reading books on your idol. After reading you will get the same feeling and slowly your thoughts are changing.

Step 2: Spend time with good thinker:

Finding good input is useless if you spend your time with bad thinker; remember your quality of life and your thinking decide the quality of your mastermind circle. So decide and find good and better thinker than you. Those who inspire you, motivate you. If you can’t find the good thinker around you it is better to spend time in reading.

Spend your time with quality thinkers, which sharpen your thinking.

Step 3: Thinking good thoughts:

You must require a discipline in thinking, avoid distraction, and become a quality thinker in your life.

Remember there are always two sides of your thoughts one is bad and second is good, it’s your choice on which side you are.

It is better to become a person of choice rather than a victim of others thoughts.

Thinking is a process; as a result, it is important to make thinking a priority.

Step 4: Take action on your good thoughts:

You get good input, you surround yourself with quality and better thinker, you generate and develop quality thoughts but its total waste until you cannot take action on your thoughts.

Remember your actions decide your behavior, your behavior decides your beliefs, and ultimately your beliefs decide. Who you are in life?

So, if you get good thoughts, take action quickly. You find people around you, who are good thinkers, but they are failure, because they not take action.

Only your action produces results, nothing else, and in the universe only results counts and matter.

Step 5: Allow emotions to create good thoughts:

Allow your emotions to generate good thoughts, after reading and thinking your emotions starts to generate, so use your emotions again to generate good thoughts.

Only use your emotions to create good thoughts never take decision on your emotions. Emotional decision always leads to failure, only rational decision leads to success.

Step 6: Repeat the process:

Finding good input, spending time with good thinker, thinking good thoughts, taking action on your good thoughts and finally allow your emotions to create good thoughts. It’s a process, and this process is interlink with each other, and produces amazing results. So repeat it again and again.

So, in 3 Steps to Success, we have completed step 1 Idol & Beliefs system and in step 2 Thinking. The 3rd step I will revel in next success letter.

Till then, take care!


To Your Success!

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Harish S Kawalkar

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