3 Steps To Success – Responsibility

3 steps to success responsibilityEvery success, achievement, progress, fulfillment, happiness, wealth and health starts with the accepting full responsibility of you-self.

No one accept your responsibility. Highly successful people accept the responsibility.

You are totally responsible for what happens in your life. As soon as you start to make choices and decision, you are then responsible for the results of those choices and decision.

You are doing the work, which is chosen by you, you are earning what you chose to earn. Nobody is responsible for your earning. Nobody responsible for your situation, you chose the situation, you chose the consequences of your situation. It’s your decision to stay or work on your situation, and it is initiated by the way you take responsibility.

If you take responsibility, then you start to think, and accept the change and you change the whole situation.

It’s your choices and decision which decide the consequences you get which ultimately lead your life.

The concept of individual responsibility, is a major issue in life, the high performance people accept and don’t blame to other whereas unsuccessful blame, society, government and business.

Remember it’s nobody’s business to take your responsibility of yours; it’s your business to take full responsibility of yourself.

Successful people say that people are responsible for the consequences of their behavior. Individuals are responsible for the things they do and the things they don’t do.

The greater responsibility comes with the more free time, more happiness, more earning, more health, more wealth and more success, but everything start with the one step the way you take and accept the responsibility of your-self.

People are become great leaders, those who accept the responsibility of ourselves first and accept the responsibility of other people.

But if you fail to accept the responsibility of your-self, you are not successful to take responsibility of other people.

In big organization, your designation and role is directly proportional to your responsibility take.

Responsibility will give you the edge, and it’s a master key to become leader in your field. Great leaders are responsible to their performance.

People dislike taking responsibility, there is a chance to take responsibility, which give you the competitive advantage in today’s world.

The great responsibility comes with the great rewards. The no responsibility come with no rewards.

How to take Responsibility:

The secret of taking great responsibility is taking full and complete control of your conscious mind as well as the full and complete control of your situation.

It is what you think and how you think about it determines your reality. And only you can control what you think, keeping focus on what you think (Step 2) and what you want is the secret of all success, like self-control, self-discipline, and self-responsibility.

 Following are the 3 steps to Success

Step 1:  IDOL & BELIEFS .



Till then, Take Responsibility!


To Your Success!

Sign Final Harish 



Harish S Kawalkar

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