3 D of Direction

3 D of Direction 1Directions are very important. You must have clear direction where you want to go? Which way? What you do? What major actions you take? In short you must have clear direction.

Successful people have clear sense of purpose and direction in every field of life.

How kite successfully fly in the air? Answer is due to wind. Wrong, it flies against the wind. It has a direction, that’s why it is able to fly. You must have direction in life. You might get wind (opportunities) in life but if you don’t have direction, are you able to fly (Success) in your life?

Remember in every area of your life, you must have clear direction.

Without direction you are reaching nowhere in life. You are become directionless.

You must have clear direction about your finances, your health, your relationship, and most importantly about your goal. I find lot of people set goals, they priorities their goal. They have action plan they start to work on their plan, but after few days they lost direction and interest. Why this happen? Because they don’t know in which area they must have direction.

After studying and reading books I come to derive on few conclusions that, successful people have clear direction in 3 areas.

3 Areas of Direction (3D) I called it as 3D of Direction

Direction in Priorities:

Direction in priorities. For example, if I have to give my daughter admission in school and want to buy new motorbike? Which one should be my first and important priorities, off course? Admission,

I have clear direction about my priorities. But in which school, what I want from school, what is the background of the school and its management, what the value my daughter gets from this school. The value in terms of, character building, molding minds, discipline, ethics and scientific approach.

I am clear about my priorities and I have a direction in my priorities. You must have a direction in goal, direction in priorities.

Direction in Action:

Direction in action. Why direction in action is important, because your today’s action not yield result, the series of action results into successful results. The step by step action leads you to achieve your goal.

For example, if you want to go on second floor, you must go by staircase, by crossing one step by another step. Suppose the steps are directionless, you will not able to reach at second floor. Like step, your action also has consequences and series of action results into series of consequences which ultimately becomes success. But your action are directionless you get same consequences, which ultimately leads into failure.

First set goal, second prepare plan, and third add direction to your plan, which means the steps with direction.

Direction in Time Investing:

You can manage your time well, by time management technique, but the new concept is TIME INVESTING, previously I write a separate success letter on the same.

TIME is precious asset, which is available to everyone, but how you use it? How you capitalize on it? Where you invest it? Determines your success.

You must have direction in time investing. Where and how you invest and what you will get? You must answer this question before investing time, you will get the direction.

Without direction nothing is achieved in life.

Till then, be in direction!

To Your Success!

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Harish S Kawalkar

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