23 Lesson’s life teaches me

23 lessons FINAL


1) Make big move, by preparing small things.

2) Develop great relationship with your friends.   

3) Invest in personal development, which increases your return 10x plus.

4) Develop great relation with people who are having better quality than you.

5) Never take emotional decision, always rational.

6) Work hard, read lot and write quality.

7) Exercise daily.

8) Burn your Ego, Ego never works

9) Always surround yourself with books.

10) I have idol for me Mr. Buffet in personal as well as in my investing life.

11) I am thankful to my parents. Those are always my source of inspiration.

12) My values are more important to me than benefits and profits.

13) I always learn something new every day.

14) I always inspire and motivate people.

15) My decision is more important to me than just seat and think.

16) I trust myself first than others. Your trust to yourself is more important than trust others.

17) I never compromise on my integrity.

18) Friends are important to me.

19) Invest my money in stocks and learn a lot on value investing, which is helpful in my investing as well as my personal life.

20) I develop patience.

21) I Dare to Dream, Dedicate to Act and Decide to be Successful.

22)  I work first then decide and change my plan.

23) Last, devote your precious TIME to your family, kids.

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Harish S Kawalkar


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