As, I am investing very profitably, received a report from one of the respected  brokerage house on Indian equities especially on Sensex and Nifty. Few days back I received everybody is in profit today. The profit is same but the investment is different. As I have a profit from stock and all market has a same profit. Read More →

Attitude! Whenever I see my daughter painting, she will complete the painting every time, if I disturb in between, she give me lot of reason, why she want to complete her painting? And If I force her, she will complete it, at any cost. If she finishes her work, she will come to me and Read More →

Goals are for success. If you like to become successful in life, you must master in goal setting, and achieving your goals. It’s in your hand to set goal, prepare plan, work on it, and achieve your goal in specific time. Have you working on your goal. Only dreams are nothing to do in life, Read More →