ROI means Return on Investment. In business and in investment, return on investment is calculated, no matter how profit big or small, your return must be justified your investment. ROI is a real measure of your return. When ever I invest in stock, I will not look for how much profit I am making, I Read More →

I know Swami Vivekananda, from my childhood days, how? Because, at my home, my father having the statue of Swamiji. I don’t know about the statue in early days, but when I am growing younger in my life, I read a lot of books about Swamiji. The ultimate one is autobiography of Swami Vivekananda by Satyendranath Majumdar. Read More →

I find lot of people complaining about something for whole life. Complaining has no result. Complainer changes their complaints, but they never reduce the number of complaints. If you have increasing number of complaint about your life, you will become failure. Complaining is a habit, it’s a negative habit. If you have this habit, then Read More →