Three Ways to Change Your Life Few days back I met my school’s old friend, he is confuse, not happy in his work, not ready to take decision. In short he is not happy with life. After discussion with him for more than an hour, he said I want to change my life, I little Read More →

2 Questions to Change Your Life You are doing something for yourself. You might have service or you are doing business or you are providing service to others, whatever work you are doing to run your family. You will do something. And in reward you get salary, profit, or commission. Ultimately you get money. But Read More →

Valuable Learning’s From Mahatma Gandhi I am learning from everybody in my life, the person might be failure in life or successful in life. Learning from failure will teach you extraordinary things and skills. If you study how people unsuccessful in life, you don’t have to repeat that mistakes. If you learn from successful people Read More →