Fear of Rejection When you have rejected last time? If you remember you are on the success path. If you are not rejected from last 30 days you are going to fail. Want to know just read it. You might be rejected from your client, friend, society, relative, and family. If you have meeting with Read More →

Key Skill of Successful People(TIME Investing) The one thing is common with successful and unsuccessful people. How they invest? Determine the success rate. Guess which thing… 1) Time “Don’t work with time, work on your TIME” In this edition of “Success Letter” We will learn how to invest your time. TIME investing is different from Read More →

How to deal with fear of failure If you fail in particular project, to whom you blame? If you blame circumstances, people, destiny and situation you will never succeed. And take responsibility on yourself, and change yourself. I guarantee you, you will be successful. Don’t be afraid at all. Love your failure; it’s very hard Read More →