2 Questions to Change Your Life

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2 Questions to Change Your Life

You are doing something for yourself. You might have service or you are doing business or you are providing service to others, whatever work you are doing to run your family. You will do something. And in reward you get salary, profit, or commission.

Ultimately you get money. But doing work for money will get you success, yes up to some extent, but you will not become successful up to your potential.

So what to do,

I will give you answer.

It’s more than secret,

It’s more than the law of attraction; it’s more than law of universe. It’s a law of success.

And today I reveal you the law of success………

But there is only one requirement you have to be honest with yourself.

Then go and read it.

This is more than anything you read it ever.

Reveled the law of success

Ask yourself this following question. And answer it honestly. If you do that, then you become unstoppable success in your life.

Are you accountable to yourself? Ask yourself this question every day.

If you would like to do the exercise ask two questions to yourself.

In morning ask first question

what are the things I have to do today?

And at the end of the day ask yourself,

have I done these things, with my full potential and have I done justice to my work?

If your answer is yes you are going to be a big success.

The answer of above two questions will increase your accountability towards yourself.

There are lots of benefits in accountability, success starts with accountability, and it increases your responsibility towards yourself.

If you want to get result do this exercise for continue 30 days. I will personally promise you. You will definitely change your life in 30 days.

Look at the end of the day, what are the things I have to do, and shall I done it with my full potential with justice, if you are not confident ask yourself where shall I fail, write down your failure area, and improve it immediately, and don’t fail on the same things.

Don’t be afraid of failure. You have to learn something new and you have to improve yourself every time.

Do the things with your full potential, don’t limit yourself and don’t draw boundary for yourself, because you can do anything, you think,

You have to focus on your work, and have clear determination of your plan. People who are focused in their life done extraordinary things.
You have to improve yourself every time that leads to excellence and people those become successful are excellence oriented.

Be accountable to yourself.

To Your Success,

Sign Harish


Harish S. Kawalkar

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