Do 1 Thing which is bigger than you think!

1 thingReading the headline, look like mad thinking, but do not worry at the end of this letter you will be convincing to do that.

What ever we do in our life, it’s due to we think and believe that we can easily accomplish that things.

When you try to drive a car or motorbike first time in life, you don’t know how to drive, and you don’t think how it works? What you have done, you do the things that is bigger than you think.

When I was investing in stock, way back in 2008, I do not know about the huge return I am getting today, so I get more interested in studying companies, reading annual report, valuing stock, finding great companies to invest for.

If I stick to my own thinking, not act upon the opportunity, which is bigger than my thinking, I will not be interested in investment at all in my whole life, but I do which is bigger than my own thinking and I am interested and successful in investing.

Why do 1 thing?

1) Thinking will not produce result:

Your thinking will not produce anything, only your action, and your achievement produce end result. You are the slave of your own thinking, and in changing your thinking, a lot of time might waste, until the time your opportunity will lost. Therefore, it is always better to do the things. You may take the help of expert in the area you are taking action.

2) The world is bigger than your thinking:

Yes its right, you are not the master of all the things in life, and you don’t know everything about what you are doing, when you are driving car first time, you don’t know how engine work? However, you do that successfully. So always, remember the world is bigger than your thinking.

3) You become confident: Your thinking will not build confidence in you, if you do and get result you are much more confident. You see the lot of people has great thinking power but they are not successful in life. Why? Because they waste a lot of time only in thinking rather than doing things.

You set a goal, which you will think easy to achieve, but you do not know the power of action, you are limiting yourself in your own thinking, you have more power, more courage, more talent than you think. You can achieve limitless success in your life if you believe in power of action.

So, thinking and doing is great, but at least try to do one thing which is bigger than your thinking, while doing so, you can take a help of expert, but do!!!!!

Moreover, get more success in life.

To Your Success!

Sign Final Harish




Harish S Kawalkar


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